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Free PHP Scripts :: Website Thumbnail Generator

Website Thumb Generator can be used to create website thumbnails for your needs, or start your own website thumbnail generation service.

  • Windows hosting
  • PHP GD library (installed on most hostings)
  • Permissions to execute third-party applications (i.e. exe files)
  • Permissions to execute Internet Explorer

How it works:
  • Website Thumbnail Generator checks if it already has website image in the cache, and shows it in the browser.
  • If no cached image then IECapt would be run from the script.
  • IECapt would run Internet Explorer, grab full sized website screenshot from it, and save image into the folder you specified in script settings.
  • Then Website Thumbnail Generator would resize image, and show it in the browser.

  • Download IECapt from http://iecapt.sourceforge.net or from our site: IECapt. Place it in some folder on your server.
  • Download Website Thumbnail Generator using link below, and unzip it to the same folder.
  • Update webthumb.php with your settings for thumbnails folder, cache time, default thumbnail size, etc.

Sample usage:
  • webthumb.php?url=http://www.microsoft.com
  • webthumb.php?url=http://www.thumbnails.com&x=150&y=150

Download Website Thumbnail Generator


ibnuasad [anti-spam] gmail.com November 2, 2006
Will a Linux version be available?
November 3, 2006
thank you. nice script.
Antony November 8, 2006
Do you now where we can find for linux ?
Paul November 8, 2006
I'm also interested in the linux version. Thanks
Nick [anti-spam] phpld.de November 11, 2006
Have you but the linux version. Thanks
liulanzeng [anti-spam] 163.com November 12, 2006
Thanks! It's just what I want,thanks again!
vineuro November 21, 2006
I'm also interested in the linux version. Thanks
linux November 22, 2006
ofcourse there's no linux version, it's executing IE and IECapt. I guess if you have those running on linux then you'd have a linux version.
notquiteapound [anti-spam] hotmail.com December 5, 2006
seems to freeze on large images, i want this to loop through a list of sites but gets stuck on one and i presume its the images size?
coda [anti-spam] snlist.com December 12, 2006
If someone would make a unix/linux version of the iecapt.exe, I'd pay money for it. <hint>
2a December 27, 2006
Thank you very much! Just what I needed!
thomas [anti-spam] beetledomains.com.au January 8, 2007
Dose anyone know of a linux version?
January 10, 2007
I want unix version, can someone make it for me.
Nikhil January 18, 2007
I need a linux version as well.

ecobob January 24, 2007
This looks fantastic zubrag - however, sadly I too need a linux version -if anyone know of such a script, please post a message.
website builder January 24, 2007
Guys they have some info about Linux screenshot takers on the forum http://www.zubrag.com/forum/index.php?topic=55.0
daif.net January 30, 2007
January 30, 2007
I am also interessted in a Linus port!
January 31, 2007
you´re the best
February 23, 2007
Causes too many errors on my windows box..
Looking to run it off line and cache all the files instead
February 25, 2007
The concept is simple. There are lot's of linux web browser code out there. Someone could recreate the same idea as iecapt using an opensource browser.

But, it won't be me. As it turns out, this is a great solution for me as it.
sarkaar [anti-spam] addontechnologies.net March 6, 2007
Any one know why I am not getting screen shots of web page i am supplying
webthumb.php?url=http://www.addontechnologies.net even it not giving any error but it not saving screenshot of this site I am using PHP.5 and on Wamp server is there any problem
Thanks in advance
Bhavesh March 7, 2007
gr8 script is there linus version with you ?
Linux April 5, 2007
Linux version please
April 13, 2007
thankyou, thanks, and thankyou again!
craig April 30, 2007
linux version required!

trying webthumb - fingers crossed........
rajivmk [anti-spam] mos.com.np May 10, 2007
how do i set permissions for

Permissions to execute third-party applications (i.e. exe files)
Permissions to execute Internet Explorer
bruederl [anti-spam] googlemail.com May 22, 2007
Thank you very much. I love your script. I have some additions:

if (isset($_REQUEST['url'])) {
$website_url = $_REQUEST['url'];
$website_url = trim($website_url);
$website_url = "http://".$website_url;

Because IECapt will hang if there is no http:// in front of the url.

$thumbnails_folder = strrev( strchr(strrev($_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"]),"/") )."cache/";

to be independent of installation location.
June 10, 2007
I can confirm that the webthumb tool from this site:
works very good.
princessaila [anti-spam] yahoo.com June 11, 2007
hello..i'm aila..i'm php beginner..my prob is now,i'd built website using tikiwiki and it jus could open by mozila..but the problem is i wanna make a link (ip camera) and open it with internet explorer(6.0 ++)..does any1 knows how to solve it??
raj9885509371 [anti-spam] yahoo.co.in July 13, 2007
info [anti-spam] partyunited.de July 15, 2007
Can i limited the saved Screen Size to 400x400 ?

the Saved image iss great ,so great as the website....Sorry my english is very bad :-(

Pls help me..
admin [anti-spam] thumbnailspro.com July 29, 2007
The image proccessing automatically resizes the image based on requested size a request using &S=400 would display a thumbnails 400px in width and 300px in hieght! This is done to display a squared thumbnail, our premium service once complete which will be $10 a month will allow you to display full length thumbnails, http://thumbnailspro.com/examples.php, which would allow you to do 400x400!
Thanks for using thumbnailspro.com for all your website thumbnail needs!
Brandon, http://thumbnailspro.com.
M4verick.com August 3, 2007
I use windows version. Working very nice.
nj August 16, 2007
Cant seem to get this to work om my Winxp box. I have PHP5 installed, but it seems like IECapt cannot write to the directory that I have specified. I enabled scripts and executables in the virtual folder, I gave the cache folder full permissions for IUSR_ANONYMOUS, and everyone. if i pipe the command out to the screen and run the IEcapt in CMD window, then it will create the picture, and then the PHP script will show the thumbnail. Any ideas?
sagexl August 17, 2007
I get a IECapt.exe is not a valid Win32 Application.



September 9, 2007
Is there a hosting company that will support hosting IECapt.exe (a third party executable) as well as IE explorer?

September 12, 2007
can someone provide host providers that can host executables such as IECapt.exe and also have internet explorer so IECapt.exe can invoke it
philbluefox [anti-spam] yahoo.com September 14, 2007
I can't produce a thumbnails on dynamics site. Can anyone help me on this??

samples of the dynamic site url

September 14, 2007
Can someone please help me with the installation? I seem to be lost.I've unzipped the Files into the same directory
but its all down hill from there. Can Someone tell me what do I have to do to get and actual thumbnail out of this whole script?
decent_emad [anti-spam] yahoo.com September 23, 2007
Hi, I have downloaded the latest version of file and the IECapt.exe as well. but it doest not work.

Error : Source file name must be specified.
admin.b1forever [anti-spam] gmail.com October 14, 2007
Thank you very muck!
Neena October 25, 2007
Great script! However, the output image is not resizing to the specified x and y. Any idea?
waqaskhaleeq [anti-spam] gmail.com November 12, 2007
hi i m using this script its really nice and its very easy to yse thanxx www.funrocker.com
November 19, 2007
this a great can we get a linux version .. I need it from www.cricketu.com .. this is a cricket website for cricket videos and news and I want to generate thumbnails for the video pages
www.cricketu.com November 19, 2007
i get this error :(
Fatal error: Call to undefined function ImageCreateTrueColor() in C:\wamp\www\image.class.php on line 131
Dana November 21, 2007
IECapt.exe doesnt seem to work, i need a lunis version, do you know where i can find one?
Rich December 12, 2007
Hello admin, do you mean the we need the window hosting or window operating system for the requirements?
Diego December 17, 2007
There's no need to be unpolite if you're not paying for a product ;)
developer [anti-spam] electricowl.co.uk January 11, 2008
Who wouldn't want it on a Linux box but I think that the reference to the Boutell website should be a pointer in the right direction.

GH January 15, 2008
Than you very very much. Nice solution.
January 28, 2008
i tried/failed so many options for webpage capturing at my home server. I was so happy to find webthumb but xvfb does not start, it gives SecurityPolicy file not found error.. I was very close..
jo January 31, 2008
very good script its only missing one thing .... a q'ing image saying somethin like thumb is being processed"

All xp users might have better luck using the location like this:

@exec('./location/to/IECapt.exe' . escapeshellarg($website_url) . ' ' . escapeshellarg($cached_filename));

instead of:

@exec('c:/xampp/IECapt.exe' . escapeshellarg($website_url) . ' ' . escapeshellarg($cached_filename));

siwakorn February 1, 2008
Greg February 13, 2008
I could not set this up. I ended up using Snapcasa which also provides free web page snapshots. Their service offers several different thumbnail sizes and the snapshots always appear really fast without the “Thumbnail Queued” image I used to get from other similar services. I also like how there is no script need to use it just an img tag in my html. Best of all its on their server and I dont have to use my system resources.

Thanks for the script anyway!
March 2, 2008
THis is a great script however... if want to make a thumb it doesn't resize it... @_@ I tried alot but it doesn't work.. is just want a nice small thumb of 100x100...
web [anti-spam] camfilmi.gen.tr March 2, 2008
thanks for program.
Cuculetzu March 8, 2008
I like this script
March 14, 2008
of course everyone woudl like one for linux since about 50% or more of the web servers are linux...
azoo [anti-spam] frac.dk March 21, 2008
Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created

I get that when i try:

whats wrong? can someone please help me?

send a message to Azoo [at] frac.dk
bodrumlukardes [anti-spam] hotmail.com March 21, 2008
Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created.
bvbb [anti-spam] gmail.com March 24, 2008
i want this
almas [anti-spam] dauditl.co.uk March 29, 2008
.com based websites are ok. But when I put .org or .dk included url the thumbnail are not created. Does not show any error but loading..........

Please help me abt this.

Thanks in advance.
cowboy March 31, 2008
i can use this script at http://www.cowboywaysguys.org but i cant understand how do work
Zain April 2, 2008
hi i m using this script its really nice and its very easy to yse thanxx www.masti101.net
April 4, 2008
No point unless it's available for Linux.

No-one uses Windows hosting. It sucks.
April 4, 2008
Very usefull, thanks works on vista/xampp like a charm, take a look at the little modifications below in php-script. then IECAp won´t hang.
Once again, nice script
michael [anti-spam] limcorp.net April 4, 2008
thanks of the scripts.
April 7, 2008
Works great.
Is there a linux version?
April 7, 2008
I like it.
Octav April 7, 2008
Great script
Zoran April 12, 2008
I cant cut images to desired dimensions!!! it always create thumbs on default size. Please help!
April 20, 2008
For all the people that are having problems with it, you can now use if for free here on <a href="http://www.mythumbnail.net">MyThubmnail.net</a>
April 20, 2008
That's http://www.mythumbnail.net/
April 27, 2008
90% off all servers in the world run Unix. Strange there is no Unix/inux version.
April 28, 2008
Any news? for Linux?
comcom April 30, 2008
Is there a realistic experience of operating a programme similar to Linux
Andrew April 30, 2008
All I get is this error
Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created.
onur May 18, 2008
so this is windows only? why?
Michael May 19, 2008
Thanks for the scripts - it works and I am loving it!

For those ppl shouting about Linux version - come on - the guy has made this script available free - if you want a Linux offer to pay the guy some money for his time and stop complaining!
May 24, 2008
I find this script works well, but for me it gets overloaded then crashes. If I try and just do about 1-3 thumbs at a time, it works fine, but when a webpage of mine, www.iknowauto.com, tries to load 10-20 thumbs on the same page, and those thumbs have not yet been cached, the IECapt crashes. Anyone have a solution for this, maybe a way to increase the queued time?
May 27, 2008
OMG... For once I'm embarrassed by fellow linux users. GUYS this is something that runs INTERNET EXPLORER! You want a linux version?!?!? Show me IE for linux first...
May 29, 2008
http://www.mythumbnail.net/ is NOT working. Get an error

"Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created."
Hello June 3, 2008
After spending a lot of time tring to set up a reliable way to capture webpage snapshots I gave up!
- Capturing snapshots is a resource hog.
- Security was a big issue; websites containing harmful script cannot be captured because they have to be loaded on your server making it vulnerable
- Huge bandwidth consumption
- There are so many different websites and issues you will run into such as pop up messages, flash, and JavaScript to name a few. It is difficult to capture a wide range of websites correctly.

My final solution was to abandon my attempt and use a free website thumbnail generator. Snapcasa serves about 16000+ website snapshots daily on three of my domains for free and without a watermark. There are many snapshot providers online but I found snapcasa.com to be the best. You may also want to try websnapr and picoshot but they have watermarks and have limited sizes. Save yourself the frustration I went through and let one of the online snapshot providers worry about it.
adrian June 9, 2008
i have a linux version that is based on mozilla, who is interested, my Yahoo! id
is adrian_praja
Aca June 18, 2008
on linux:
sales [anti-spam] classifieds9.co.uk July 5, 2008

Do you have a demo working verion?

joel [anti-spam] 1stclasswebsites.com July 15, 2008
I would also pay money for a linux version!
sakthipriyan July 17, 2008
IECapt. really a useful tool!
thanks a lot
hairul azami July 31, 2008
I try your sample, but I got this message:

Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created.

can you explain to me, what is wrong ???

I use this line to define my thumbs folder:

$thumbnails_folder = strrev( strchr(strrev($_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"]),"/") )."cache/";
grex [anti-spam] avun.com August 12, 2008
Anyone has success with this? Please provide your URL.
I want to use this to my web www.avun.com.
juntask [anti-spam] gmail.com August 17, 2008
The cutx, cuty does not work for me.
The resize (x=, y=) also does not work.

I am using IE6 and xp.
I have tried all different versions of IECapt.
wow August 18, 2008
sanghamitra.s01 [anti-spam] gmail.com August 19, 2008
Script is very useful. But it hangs sometime (due to exec() command) when got long or redirected urls.
Linux version August 31, 2008
You can found Linux version on http://4gu.ru
Chee Keong September 11, 2008
for the users who want to get the get the screeen for dynamic url. You have to change a line of code in webthumb.php.

Line 71:
@exec('IECapt.exe ' . escapeshellarg($website_url) . ' ' . escapeshellarg($cached_filename));
@exec('IECapt.exe --url=' . escapeshellarg($website_url) . ' --out=' . escapeshellarg($cached_filename));
james [anti-spam] software-dungeon.co.uk September 13, 2008
Nice One

badejo08 [anti-spam] gmail.com September 17, 2008
Can php script be installed on window hosting
September 17, 2008
freewarecollection [anti-spam] googlemail.com September 18, 2008
Thanks for the good script. I've take a look at linux script but they need administrative to config the server (or rights to run script perl, cgi, ... on servers), not only php.

Do you know where can find PHP-only script to do the same work?


SergXP October 2, 2008
Thank You! This is best script!

Dan October 5, 2008
Again, a linux version would be amazing. I know a few exist out there, but to publish something like this on shared hosting using exec() would be mint.
<a href = "http://www.swansoninternet.com">SwansonInternet.com</a>
Matt Soares December 23, 2008
I really enjoyed the article. I found this site that has an arsenal of digital products. You can go to http://www.valueebook.com and it has a wide selection of e books, software, website niche scripts, and more. I hope to read more from you. Thanks, Matt Soares
January 15, 2009
Hello, I have install the script but i am getting this error "Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created."

What will be the path for thumnail folder. Please help me any one.

My mail is sadhan.ace@gmail.com


January 22, 2009
Hello, I have install the script but i am getting this error "Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created."

What will be the path for thumnail folder. Please help me any one.
February 2, 2009
On command prompt you can set a delay for flash based websites. it's possible to set the delay by this script?
support [anti-spam] hyipdefault.com February 8, 2009
Thanks, useful script

webmaster [anti-spam] dirlist.net February 13, 2009
I like this script.
Thanks for the script anyway!

Web Directory and Search Engine
February 18, 2009
Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created.
Elena March 3, 2009
I have the same question about "delay" for flash sites
BP March 14, 2009
The path for the thumbnails is where ever on your server that you want to save the thumbnails.

Great script!
ahmed [anti-spam] mewsoft.com March 18, 2009
This is a standalone Snpshotter tool: http://www.mewsoft.com/Products/Snapshotter.html , http://www.mewsoft.com/Products/SnapshotterPro.html, and http://www.mewsoft.com/Products/ieSnapshotter.html
March 20, 2009
Nice Tool. Thanx

Kumar April 3, 2009
first time..I am seeing :( there is something works only on windows
michael April 7, 2009
check out this one
amitsabhaya12 [anti-spam] yahoo.com April 9, 2009
Hi there
this is amit
i uploaded webthumb.php and image.class.php file on my server
and i am using linux server

But the code is not working it is giving
a error like
Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created.

Tell me how to solve it,
my email id is amitsabhaya12@yahoo.com

send me answer on this id..
If you send me than i am very thankful for you.

Amit Patel
Amit April 10, 2009
Hi there
this is amit
i uploaded webthumb.php and image.class.php file on my server
and i am using linux server

But the code is not working it is giving
a error like
Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created.

Tell me how to solve it,
my email id is s.amit@cssaglobal.com

send me answer on this id..
If you send me than i am very thankful for you.

Amit Shinde
amitsabhaya12 [anti-spam] yahoo.com April 10, 2009
hi there,
This is amit
any one can tell me that how to exec function work in linux server
Chowk April 21, 2009
On Linux Server On-line, please.

Is possible?

Wapdevil April 23, 2009
Hi guys please help me i need a video snapshot thumbnail script in php plz mail me the script to wapdevil@gmail.com thanx in advance
çükübik April 25, 2009
This script and program working good, generating external web site's thumbnail but doesnt print in used adress. I dont understand it.
bikramchoudhury [anti-spam] hotmail.com May 1, 2009
Hi Thanks alot for this script. But I need to know the algorithmic detils of this script how it works specially about the class. Here the main time is taken by IECAPT. I have doubt whether it can run in Shared web host or not??
Andi May 5, 2009
Schade das das ganze nicht weiter entwickelt wird...
Weiss einer wie der Thumbnail Generator Flash mit anzeigt...???
SEO Bangalore May 21, 2009
Great script.. thanks for sharing.. this is what I was looking for since a long time...
samvel2609 [anti-spam] gmail.com June 19, 2009
i got this follwing error..Thumbnail Generation Error.... Thumbnail not created..can some one please help me...???

also please tell in what format should i specify target thumbnail folder

Jayesh July 6, 2009
Amazing work man ....really liked it a lot.Thanks for sharing such good information
Michael James Swan July 29, 2009
I guess that a Linux version could be created if the code that is executed was to be written into a more linux friendly program language.

There are a lot of people whom use Linux Website Hosting Services so i am sure that a Linux Version would be a great idea.

~ Mike
Mehedi Hasan August 8, 2009
Please give us linux version...

<a href='http://www.mehedibd.com'>PHP Developer Bangladesh</a>
tao.wang.pro [anti-spam] gmail.com August 10, 2009
include('image_file.png') has problem on utf8 and less efficient(i guess).

// my suggestion
print file_get_contents('image_file.png',FILE_BINARY);
WebHead August 11, 2009
Most people need a LINUX version because most are using Apache on a LINUX server.
WebHead August 11, 2009
Perhaps looking into using ffmpeg, I am pretty sure it has a function to create thumbnails even from video. Or maybe MEncoder could be utilized for a LINUX version. The previous LINUX webthumb creater mentioned here uses Bash, which is not cool if you are on a hosted server, or even worse, a hosted virtual server. It needs to use image binaries that are already existant on the server in a standard LINUX install, or at least one that is commonly used and GNU.
WebHead August 11, 2009
This is a great LINUX hosted alternative - http://phpthumb.sourceforge.net/
mrogerssalem [anti-spam] aol.com August 16, 2009
I cant get past the:
Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created
nigel348 [anti-spam] gmail.com August 21, 2009
Putting my hands up for a Linux version too :)
Thumbnail Linux August 21, 2009
This one is cross-platform cutycapt.sourceforge.net
August 25, 2009

linux demo:
September 12, 2009
try http://www.sitethumbshot.com/. they provide free thumbnail generation services.
debarajn [anti-spam] interfinet.com September 12, 2009
i have tested according to above prescribed but not working but not working can anybody kind heared person exlplain me the step.
mrogerssalem [anti-spam] aol.com September 13, 2009
I have it all installed but how do I make a code for it to work on my website??
Like this code
<img src="http://www.shrinktheweb.com/xino.php?embed=1&u=f948d&STWAccessKeyId=eceXX0631XXXXXX&Size=xlg%20&Url=<?php echo $url; ?>
Vicotr September 16, 2009
Has anyone been able to get it working cross platform with CutyCapt? Help would be appreciated!
dvrtmcc [anti-spam] gmail.com September 20, 2009
I will basically use this probably here:
voteupindia [anti-spam] gmail.com September 21, 2009
Did not worked for me, i have linux hosting. ne help ..www.voteupindia.com
harsh vora October 7, 2009
hey guys its not working in XP.
Tjaldlala.dk October 15, 2009
nice i have been looking for this
nice done

visit www.tjaldlala.dk if u want to
almaceria October 30, 2009
works nice!!
it cracks with some webpages but it's great at most!!
nitin.barai [anti-spam] trinitywebtech.com December 2, 2009
linux version please.....
or IECapt for linux
Nilanjana December 3, 2009
works nice!!! Thank you....
winracer January 19, 2010
did anyone find a linux version to do the same thing?
st4allu [anti-spam] gmail.com January 20, 2010
contactarabroom [anti-spam] yahoo.com April 3, 2010
work nice

April 9, 2010
You did a nice job

brent_brownlow [anti-spam] yahoo.com April 12, 2010
has anyone found a linux / php version

April 26, 2010
Thumbnails don't get generated in png format. Jpg works though. I don't see why you'd want to use jpg for a thumbnail though. png is lossless and at that filesize, totally affordable.
Davy May 11, 2010
Is it possible to call url with parameter? It work fine for simple url likes www.website.com/index.asp but not for www.website.com/index.asp?var=1
please help!
zahid May 27, 2010
I am trying to use but getting this error
Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created.
Koodough June 4, 2010
So no linux version of this hmmm...
So here what I found
Linux, Mac, Windows
June 9, 2010
I'm interested in the linux version.
<a href="http://cresteee.com">Thanks</a>
dpjaviya [anti-spam] gmail.com June 30, 2010

explore June 30, 2010
Hey iused this.But it works only localhost, in server side it returns as
"Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created."
Can anebody help me
July 14, 2010
Give webthumb.net a go for a free service.
esfahanguide [anti-spam] gmail.com July 23, 2010
hi, how is the benefiot of website thumbnail, can i add it for my iran tour site http://www.irtouring.com
failure [anti-spam] sfdsfs.com August 23, 2010
I know not many people want to use other webthumb server from different companies. They want to create their own rather than copy it.
nikhil.07patel [anti-spam] gmail.com August 27, 2010
hey dude very very nice work.Thanks a lot.But i found still there are some of bugs in exe version. please solve it soon.
mrogerssalem [anti-spam] aol.com November 19, 2010
I have ssen this work in my old windows server but now that I moved to a windows VPS I cant get it to work. Hired 4 freelancer and none of them got it to work.. I am looking to hire a person to install this on my vps
website thumbnails January 19, 2011
http://www.thumboo.com offers free thumbnails of any size you want.
azd.ro February 5, 2011
Greate Service Thank yoU!
l33_Adrian [anti-spam] yahoo.com February 24, 2011
i dont think there will be alinux version of this

Gigel March 24, 2011
here you can find what you are looking for http://www.roportal.ro/downloads/
Prakash April 30, 2011
Hi am getting this error "Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created."
anyone can help? thanks in advance
msingh [anti-spam] ekomkaar.com May 15, 2011
Yup there is linux version. its called cutycapt you only need to know how to install it on your server and its ready for launch. visit http://sadamusic.com for music and movies.
krishna May 23, 2011
Hi, i am getting this error " Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created. ", any one can help me how to solve this...
mina_gharache [anti-spam] yahoo.com August 9, 2011
How can i convert video to flv ??

my os is win7
code php
justmemo September 9, 2011
Here's the rundown of all the services I found offering thumbnails today:







implementation notes on: http://hasin.wordpress.com/2006/09/04/115/

http://www.thumboo.com/ (free?)

hosted scripts:
or http://code.google.com/p/webthumb/


nareshyeddu [anti-spam] gmail.com October 5, 2011
it is nice

Is there any script that capture local html file as a thumbnail please send me how to develope
Aurelian December 21, 2011
i read only some of the comments and i saw most of the people, like me, want an unix version. One exists: wkhtmltoimage. This guys have also screenshot to pdf and other stuff. I am using it on a production server, dedicated just for me, and if I make 12 thumbs on the fly it takes 60seconds so it would be wise to use in on every page generate one maybe every 30days, write them in a DB and use them from there. I am making a md5 sum with the pagename.position and thus i don't need it in a db i just call it using the same formula, knowing for sure that the file is there. Because i can't query the DB just for some thumbs. Think at solutions, there are many ways of using it. Best of wishes
Aurelian December 21, 2011
I just remembered, after making the thumb I use mogrify command to resize it.
Dana February 16, 2012
I'm also looking for the PHP version of the script.

Here you can find Thumbnail generator scripts and related plugins at http://www.webtoolhub.com/add-tools.aspx
ahsan.smiles [anti-spam] gmail.com May 13, 2012
I have a script which works on both linux and windows with HyperThreading of the script which means you can generate about 100 Thumbs/minute. Its for sale, if anyone interested, contact me at ahsan.smiles[at]gmail.com
June 5, 2012
Man, thanks very much for that!! I was looking for something like that, indeed.
Damian October 21, 2012
www.websnsnaps.co has provided me with the best services in relation to this stuff. I tried to code my own webpage thumbnail generator but www.websnaps.co provided more functionality than I could provide....BEAAUUTIFUL-------------
Physyx April 9, 2013
Good script man.

I was searching for that through all the web.
thecsa0ne [anti-spam] gmail.com April 12, 2013
nice script! Works on my Appserver(windows7).
So, what's the next steps to start my own website thumbnail generation service ? :)
PS. I enter my valid @
leandrors.sp [anti-spam] gmail.com September 14, 2013
I need a Linux version to run on my server to use in my classifieds website: http://www.construcaocivil.biz
Thank you!
script.giant123 [anti-spam] gmail.com December 12, 2013
popularclones.com is providing that types of scripts!
www [anti-spam] ybhrdb.com January 12, 2014
unix version plz

Sina February 27, 2014
Thank you. It is very gooooooooooood
admin [anti-spam] 1webtutor.in April 3, 2014
I need Linux version for my sites
nanaonaaa [anti-spam] zubrag.com April 4, 2014
niece informesan sirjee
Ruut April 13, 2014
iecapt is not using canvas / html5 and therefore modern website do not load properly. After searching the internet this solution worked for me: http://stackoverflow.com/a/11736196/903186
allfans1 [anti-spam] allfans.com June 2, 2014
Divy Singh Rathore August 1, 2014
Its Amazing. Realy helpfull for me.
AlterBot April 28, 2015
My service (unavable) http://AlterBot.AlterVista.Org
deepak [anti-spam] chatspell.com June 3, 2015
plese provide complete all files which should placed in /httpdocs send mail on deepak at chatspell.com
On Dashbaord September 7, 2015
Is a linux version available ? ,
Thanks OnDashboard.com
SimilarBobby June 2, 2016
Great! I will use it on sitesimilar.to :)
shahzadnasir1122 [anti-spam] gmail.com August 6, 2016
Thumbnail Generation Error. Thumbnail not created.


i tryed both urls but not working

November 17, 2016
How about you use a web based service like https://www.thum.io/
johnmike54 [anti-spam] gmail.com January 18, 2017
Nice information it is helpful for me. https://www.javascript.com/
post [anti-spam] riis-data.no November 16, 2017
nice, still working, at least on local server
gdkss [anti-spam] hotmail.com January 6, 2019
I got this working with the grabzit.com php code to replace the IECapt.exe line and I made a webapp.
info [anti-spam] snn.gr March 12, 2020
I want to find a simple app for Linux server app.php?anysite.com to save to the server in jpg and use it only to my site
Thank you