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Free PHP Scripts :: Recursive Text Replacer

Replaces all occurrences of the search string with the replacement string in files matching specified mask. It could be for example your Google AdSense id or some affiliate code.

  • Enable/disable recursion
  • Supports file mask
  • Email results

Only one PHP file. Does not need any third-party components.

Download Recursive Text Replacer


Peter August 8, 2006
Great tool! Changed my AdSense code on all pages in just few seconds!
billy [anti-spam] visualorange.com December 21, 2006
Keep up the Good Work!

Thomas June 8, 2007
Great Tool, it would be very cool if there was a user interface, and you did not have edit the script all the time :)

But great nonetheless !

jayesh August 21, 2007
Geting following error :
Warning: file_get_contents(*.html): failed to open stream: Invalid argument in D:\xampp\htdocs\RJC-SITE-RUNNING\recursive_replace.php on line 51

Installed xampp v.1.4.2
bthing [anti-spam] gmail.com February 4, 2009
Nice... saved me loads of time. AND I can use this for future site development in soooo many ways. Wow, u need to put up a donation button!
September 26, 2009
this is great tools, Thank you very much!!!
February 9, 2012
dude, saved my day.

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