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Free PHP Scripts :: cPanel FTP Account Creator

Create FTP accounts on cPanel hosting. No need to login to cPanel. Provide cPanel login and password once, and use this script each time you need new FTP account.

Can be run in either way:
- Parameters passed via URL (see example below)
- If no parameters passed via URL then will show entry form for FTP account parameters

  • Update script with your cPanel login, password, skin (once)
  • When running script to create FTP account, provide following data:
    • Domain - create FTP account for this domain
    • FTP Username - FTP account username
    • FTP Password - FTP account password
    • FTP Quota - quota in Mb
    • Home Folder - FTP account home directory

Sample parameters passing via url:

Download cPanel FTP Account Creator


abelzemt [anti-spam] yahoo.com August 12, 2007
where can i find a script which will help me create a login page on my free site. users can on that site enter the created username and password to access their webmail instead of osing the cpanel provided access
JD November 9, 2007
Nice script but when using it with the x3 skin it doesn't look all that great when it shows the results. Also when creating an account it doesn't add it after /public_html but adds it to the root directory.
ajit.singh007 [anti-spam] gmail.com June 15, 2008
this is very best site i like it
Nell March 21, 2009
you will need .htaccess & .htpasswd
doctor_2004_2 [anti-spam] hotmail.com September 24, 2009
Evil Saiyan October 2, 2009
How do i get the ftp quota to work it says
ERROR: FTP Account not created. Please make sure you passed correct parameters.
nandaa June 15, 2010
nice script. works well
pugia July 6, 2010
Perfect! really really perfect!
September 6, 2010
Fantastic. I modified the code so it acted as a function, stripped out the HTML and displayed it as I required. Well done
JackLloyd. October 22, 2010
I get the error
"ERROR: FTP Account not created. Please make sure you passed correct parameters."
I think its because I'm using a free host not a VPS.. not sure what to enter in the 'domain' box.. I presume its my free domain name (e.g. myuser.myhost.com) but thats not working. Any ideas? Cannot afford to get a VPS just to test!
lloyd medley 07 [anti s pam] gmail dot com
JackLloyd. October 27, 2010
Sorted now. If you get the above error it /could/ be because of your host. I changed to another server I have access to and worked first time. Still waiting for a bit of assistance on the forum though regarding forwarding to another page (not the cpanel success page) and to do with requiring unique usernames
dinesh_284 [anti-spam] yahoo.com November 29, 2010
Superb But Saving in root directory not in public_html Folder...Please Help Regarding this
dinesh_284 [anti-spam] yahoo.com November 29, 2010
I rectified That. Dont Use "/"
instead of
type like this
batuhancantas1995 [anti-spam] gmail.com April 30, 2011
Server Create
John May 24, 2011
I keep getting an error message saying account already created although it hasn't. It still works great though. :)
vin.egc [anti-spam] gmail.com August 28, 2011
I get the error
"ERROR: FTP Account not created. Please make sure you passed correct parameters."
because the URL '&quata' printing "a.
any solution?
September 8, 2011
How about using https?
ginourie6 [anti-spam] hotmail.com September 13, 2011
I keep getting "SSL encryption is required for access to this server." which then makes me login to cpanel anyway how do i fix this? i tried to post on the forums but it says there has been too much spam so i cant post?
jchatelino [anti-spam] gmail.com June 13, 2012
Suppose I want to create some ftp account through a registration form without using the url what would be the post command for the var as in your script you mention it however you do not state the params for the doaddftp url. Did I miss something.
satriodenaja [anti-spam] yahoo.com November 12, 2012
i have error ERROR: FTP Account not created. Please make sure you passed correct parameters. http://nembelas.com
Rehan May 10, 2014
not working
viinita.pawar [anti-spam] gmail.com December 19, 2016
I tried the script on two servers but still getting this error.
ERROR: FTP Account not created. Please make sure you passed correct parameters.

my parameters are :
$domain ='mydomainame.com';
$fuser = 'vini123';
$fpass = 'vini123**';
$fhomedir = 'vini';
$fquota = '50';

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