Error message: Can't open stream . . .

Started by JMK, January 23, 2011, 09:35:32 PM


I am a webmaster trying to use the Zubrag Flatfile Database Manager PHP script so as to allow my client to easily make updates to a page on his website. I am experimenting with the sample Cities DB. This script would be ideal for him (he has no web coding skills) except that I can't get it to work! It won't open a stream to or write to the cities.txt file. I get the PHP error, "Can't open stream . . . "

I have the website uploaded to a shared hosting service, and I have no control over their PHP installation settings, but phpinfo() tells me that their PHP Safe Mode is turned off, if that's a factor. I have tried tinkering with file permission properties on the server copies of the files, but no luck so far. Does anybody have any idea what's wrong?