recovering password on Nokia 6600

Started by zubrag, February 13, 2007, 05:01:31 PM


Following steps should help if you protected memory card (MMC) with password, and forgot it.

1. Download SeleQ program (it should be available on the net), and run it. You could also try using other file managers if they provide similar functionality.
2. Password is stored in the file named C:\\System\\mmcstore. Select file in SeleQ (tip: press 7 key to avoid scrolling and go directly to the end of the files list).
3. Press following: options\\edit\\copy, go to memory card (E:\\Other\\) and paste the mmcstore file (options\\edit\\paste).
4. Select the file on the memory card, and rename it to mmcstore.txt (options\\file\\rename)
5. While on the file, press options\\file\\edit text and you'll see the password.