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Author Topic: One password protect works fine, the other quit.  (Read 5415 times)
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« on: April 26, 2010, 09:24:01 PM »

To enable two different protected pages on a website, I'm using two password_protect.php scripts in separate folders/directory.  One works great, the other one fails.  The first one that was functioning perfectly, stopped working when I updated the with new, unrelated content.  The user drops right through the php to the protected page.  I've changed the initial line on the protected page several times, to no avail.  Something is wrong.  I tried making a new directory for the protected file, drops through that one too.  I even got my old outdated protected file, and put that back on the site.  It produced:

㱨瑭氾ഊ㱨敡搾ഊ㱴楴汥㹐汥慳攠敮瑥爠灡獳睯牤⁴漠慣捥獳⁴桩猠灡来㰯瑩瑬放ഊ㱍䕔䄠䡔呐ⵅ兕䥖㴢䍁䍈䔭䍏乔剏䰢⁃低呅乔㴢乏ⵃ䅃䡅∾ഊ㱍䕔䄠䡔呐 ⵅ兕䥖㴢偒䅇䵁...............

I'm way out of my league.  My goal is to password protect two files with different sets of passwords. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


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