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Author Topic: No errors, but no thumbnail  (Read 6093 times)
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« on: November 08, 2009, 09:15:39 PM »


I've used this thumbnail generator with great success elsewhere, but I'm stumped by my current inability to use it again.

The thumbnailing process appears to complete -- in that no errors are thrown, and the overall script continues past the thumbnail generation step, including the use of some variables that are set by the thumbnailer -- but there are no thumbnail files written.

Is there an easy way (short of writing a million echo statements into the class file) to figure out what's going on?

My script:

1.  User uploads file (confirmed working, I can see the file)
2.  Tell Thumbnail Generator to create a thumbnail

I've confirmed that Thumbnail Generator can find the uploaded file, that it has the source directory and the destination directory (happens to be the same), that it has the from_name and the to_name (they are different), and the CHMODs on all the folders are the same as they are in other places where I've used this successfully.

Thanks in advance for any ideas on how to figure out why no file is being written.  (yes, I have this line:  $save_to_file = true;)


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