Help Needed - I PAY if NEEDED

Started by user, April 27, 2009, 10:26:12 AM


Help Needed - I pay too if i receive what i need .
Your tool is very usefull and great, but for me as a newbie is hard to upgrade it to what i need.

This what I need :
1. The form must have more fields:
company,first name, last name, address, city,region/state, postal code, country, telephone, telephone2, fax, usertype, reffers email *It must be fully functional : the users must register, the data collected and displayed on manager.php

2. Every user data like : first name, company...etc must be displayed to each user page , but only their personal infos not the whole users and details in the database
This must be displayed in a html - for design.
Let's say one someone creates an account with user joe and logs in, let's say i want ot have this <h1>Welcome, John Doe to my site<h1> where john doe is the name of the user joe and it must be displayed
between the html codes of design, formatting, styles etc..

3.If it's when someone register, their account to be in pending and when the admin approves it in manager.php they will receive and welcome e-mail.
4.Also if it is possible for  me as admin in the manager.php I can press an button, I can create an user page based on the template, where their personal info will be displayed between the designed template *if specified in 2.

I am sorry if it's hard to understand my desire, but I am newbie to php and flat dabases.

If you have any script modification like that it will be very appreciated, if not I can pay if someone will satisfy my script need.

Thanks , I WAIT your REPLY


What you are wanting is somewhat of an overhaul of this program. If this company is willing to make this program OPEN SOURCE, then I would not see a problem that some could make the necessary changes that meet your requriments. If you get the OK, then I would download the program and take it to a programmer. I know one that will be doing one for me in the near future and she seem to be good at what she does (please refer to me Kenny D.)... I don't think she will charge much at all for what you are wanting. So give her a contact, and let me know if this help.