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Author Topic: Session w/login.php  (Read 8521 times)
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« on: February 28, 2009, 11:15:54 AM »

I am having some difficulty with login.php. after logging in and viewing protected pages, if the user returns to the home page to enter a different user name and password to view another set of pages, the login.php page is blank. only way that i have found to get around this is to start the browser over.
secondly, and maybe this in not in your realm, but in trying to put "password_protect.php into a dir that i can then point to to get the code needed to place on all pages wanting protection,  is giving me a little problem. so far, i have been able to place the file in /etc dir. but not able to place into the /home dir. in fact, if i enter the ip of my web server, followed by /etc or /home, the dir does not exist on the server.
i guess that i could put the file in a dir in the server root, but won't that defeat the purpose? or some how, hide and password protect the dir in the server root.
anyway, all help will be appreciated. tnx

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