Protect + redirect -- Mozilla Firefox asks password twice

Started by ilke, September 22, 2008, 12:11:03 PM


Some time ago you helped me set up a password + redirect page for the following situation:

Three people ("editors") need to access login page in order to upload materials. This login page is what all editors see. When they type in their username and password, they are each taken to their own personal upload page. This is also password protected so that other editors can't get at it by typing the URL directly into the address bar.

So the structure is like this: The main login page has three valid username/password combinations, e.g. Ed1/Pass1, Ed2/Pass2 and Ed3/Pass3. Once they have been redirected, Editor1's page has only one valid username/password combination, i.e. Ed1/Pass1. But because he has already typed this in on the main login page, he is not asked this again. However, if Editor 2 should log in and then type in the URL of Editor 1's page, he would be asked for a username/password again, because his original login is not valid for Editor 1's page.

This worked perfectly, and still works in IE. However, Firefox 3.0.1 now asks for the username and password twice -- in other words, it no longer recognises that the editor has already logged in on the main login page with a username and password that is also valid  for this upload page.

Any ideas how to solve this?