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Author Topic: Cannot find users list! (help please!)  (Read 6023 times)
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« on: May 01, 2008, 06:58:25 PM »

Ok, I am only testing...

imagine: http://sub.domain.net/test/login.php (inc all files from package)

now, when the username and password is entered the url for each user is a different directory. like so:


Now the index.php file in User has the protection code on line 1

And displayed " Cannot find users list! "

So I done as a saw on another tread " Change line 13 in login.php to read $users = @file('../' . USERS_LIST_FILE); "

Which worked for the index.php file in http://sub.domain.net/test/User.

But in my User directory I have another directory, Account seen as:

The Account index.php file also has the protection code on line 1. BUT that file displays " Cannot find users list! "

Because in login.php I have changed line 13. So http://sub.domain.net/test/User/Account thinks the users.php is in http://sub.domain.net/test/User.

See my problem. Have tried putting this on line 13 of login.php " $users = @file('../../' . USERS_LIST_FILE); " but then no pages work.

have even tried $users = @file('/test/' . USERS_LIST_FILE); still no hope.

Can anybody think of a solution?

Advanced thanks

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