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Author Topic: Need help with Cpanel commands like create subdomains script  (Read 5986 times)
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« on: April 09, 2008, 10:55:35 AM »

I used Zubrag's cpanel_subdomains script, and it worked fine. But then I realized I wanted to create sub-directories instead of subdomains, and I couldn't figure out the cpanel commands to use for this. Long story short, I used PHP with FTP commands and although my script created 146 directories and copied files from some master directories into those new directories, it also did something to the file permissions so I can't even FTP to the site now.

I really need help with figuring out what the cpanel internal command would be to create sub-directories (instead of subdomains), and also the cpanel commands to use to copy files from one directory to another on the server. When using cpanel (ie. a script like Zubrag's that uses cpanel) there doesn't seem to be issues with file permissions later.

Do you guys/gals know cpanel functions well enough to help me figure out how to write a script similar to the cpanel_subdomains script that will copy files from a specific folder on the server to all the directories on the same server? I will gladly pay someone to look at my script and re-write it for me. This is holding my whole project up big time!

Even if someone could just point me someplace that lists the cpanel code to call like Zubrag did in his script?

Any help at all is greatly appreciated,


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