File Download

Started by belcherds, February 20, 2008, 08:12:21 PM


I am a novice programmer at best.  I came across the script for downloading a file using PHP.  It was found at this url:  My problem is that I uploaded the download PHP file to my server, and I followed the directions, but when I click on the link to get the file it just shows a page with the entire PHP code on it.  Is there something obvious I am doing wrong?  Here is the page where I am attempting to utilize the script:  I tried to use the code on the button that says click here to download to iTunes.  I just want the "save as" dialog box to open when that link is clicked.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Does your server support PHP? Most times when you get this error it is because the server is set up wrong or doesn't have PHP on it, meaning you just see the code as the server thinks it is just plain text.
Try checking with your host, its not a script problem, as it happened before the script could even do anything.



I also noticed that your link to download is as below:
it needs to be:
, Although I'm not even sure if its meant to download a gif file?