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Author Topic: Help for the installation  (Read 7464 times)
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« on: December 13, 2007, 12:15:20 AM »

Hello guys,

I'm very new here, and i'm not a professional web designer. I love this script, but i really...really don't understand how to run and install the script properly. I have done to download iecapt.exe and the website thumbnail generator, then put it in my computer local C:\ drive. Then i change the webthumb.php:

Folder to save all thumbnails.
// Must end with slash!!!
$thumbnails_folder = 'C:\Documents and Settings\Acer\New Folder\';

My iecapt.exe and the website thumbnail generator files are in:

C:\Documents and Settings\Acer\iecapt.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Acer\image.class
C:\Documents and Settings\Acer\webthumb.php

Then i start run the command prompt:

C:\Documents and Settings\Acer>iecapt.exe http://www.example.com C:\Documents and Settings\Acer\new folder\test.png

There is nothing happen, then i run this command again:

C:\Documents and Settings\Acer>iecapt.exe http://www.example.com test.png

My computer freeze about 2-3 minutes, but yes, it created test.png in:

C:\Documents and Settings\Acer\test.png

I wonder why it cannot save the test.png in my C:\Documents and Settings\Acer\new folder\. But that is ok for me if all the picture save in the C:\Documents and Settings\Acer\. I just afraid that i have wrong code entered in the command prompt and the webthumb.php to cause the script not work.

But other than the above question, i have a Very...main problem. I totally don't know how to install the script to run properly to get the website thumbnail in my web page.

I have type in my IE browser: http://www.example.com/webthumb.php?url=http://www.example2.com . But there is nothing happen on my website or in my computer local C:\ drive. I really don't understand how to run the script after the above installation. Do i have to upload the iecapt.exe, image.class and webthumb.php to my ftp server? If i'm not upload the webthumb.php in my ftp server, then how my website get the function?

I have search across zubrag website and all thread & post in zubrag forum, there is nothing tutorial about how to step by step install and run the script. If some expert see my post please..please teach me how to step by step to do that. I will appreciate for your reply and help.

Thanks and have a Great day to you all...


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« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2007, 01:33:15 AM »

I think spaces in the path are causing troubles. Try running in command prompt like this (added quotes):
C:\Documents and Settings\Acer>iecapt.exe http://www.example.com "C:\Documents and Settings\Acer\new folder\test.png"
If that does not work, then would have to convert long names to short names. Something like this
C:\Documents and Settings\Acer>iecapt.exe http://www.example.com "C:\Docume~1\Acer\newfol~1\test.png"

Do i have to upload the iecapt.exe, image.class and webthumb.php to my ftp server?
You should upload website thumbnail generator files to your server (where you store your website pages). After that you should be able to run on your server.

Note: it would only work on Windows hosting (Linux/Unix will not work).
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