Hosting for Thumbnail Creator

Started by dvduval, June 06, 2007, 06:47:03 AM


I wanted to know if you have any recommendations where I can get reasonably priced hosting that meets the requirements for installing your script.



Unfortunately i cannot suggest you good windows hosting. Nave no such experience.

You'll need Windows hosting with PHP support (including GD library), which allow to run Internet Explorer from php script.
Mysql will also be required if you would like to save some statistics (currently website thumbnail generator does not have such feature).

Try googling for "windows hosting", check with selected providers if such script can be run on their servers.

Also look at this thread about website thumbnail generator. You could send private message to the poster asking for windows hosting being used.


I wasn't able to find a host that was a regular shared hosting plan. I would have needed a VPS or better which would have cost more like $40+/month.


Yes, Windows hosting is expensive.

I've seen some info that imagemagik can take snapshots from urls. Will check if that is true.


Yes, it is true, but I'm not so sure you can grab just the webpage. I think you end up getting the whole screen.