Looking for reliable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Started by MetteoMercatale, May 02, 2021, 04:52:23 PM


I would like to purchase a Mechanical gaming keyboard for under $100 to $120, any suggestions? And what is the best brand in your opinion? I found a source mentioned some good brands of gaming keyboard here https://www.reviewsed.com/best-gaming-keyboards-under-100/

Moreover, I'd be also inclined to go with key switches if you've enjoyed them so far.

The switches are readily available and can be quickly changed by anyone proficient with a soldering iron, although their expected lifetime of 50 million actuations probably means that you'll never need to change one.

I prefer the reds as fitted in my previous CM MasterKeys Pro S keyboard. I believe this keyboard is now discontinued or I'd go for it again.

Looking for the feedback. Thank you