PHP Interview Questions And ANswers

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Welcome to If you are looking for php job then you are at right place. We provide mostly asked PHP interview questions and answers . And i am very sure if anyone read the following questions properly. Then any fresher can easily crack the PHP interview. In the PHP interview for fresher there are mostly three rounds HR round (1st), Technical Round (2 nd) and last one again HR round (3rd ) if you clear the interview. In the first round there are very common questions like your brief introduction,why you want to join our company, your current ctc, your expected ctc, why you want to join our company etc.

The technical round is most important part of your interview in which any manager or senior php developer will check your PHP skills by verbal questions or by 2-3 programs with which they check how are your logics. They can ask you php questions, logical programs, sql questions, database questions. And in this article i have add a complete interview questions like PHP, SQL (For more SQL questions you can click here), Database (For more database questions you can click here), Logical Programs (For more programs you can click here)except designing part like HTML, CSS, Jquery. For the designing interview questions please click here. To start interview please click below link

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you are asking for PHP questions below are some important question/ topic.
1. about PHP
2.  Father and the old name
3. peer of PHP
4.b/w static and dynamic websites
5. scripting engine in PHP
6.  difference between PHP4 and PHP5.
7.  popular frameworks in PHP and feature.
8. features of PHP7
9.  difference between $message and $$message
10. data types are there in PHP
11. loop, data type, function, array, string, cookie, session, etc
these  are important question and topic which 100% cam in interview