View div to selected users, at the same php page.

Started by MartyRot, November 28, 2016, 02:17:49 AM



I was wondering if it is possible to get a <div> to only be displayed to selected users? I want user John, Peter and Annie to see <div id=1>, but not Hans, May and Ina. <Div id=2> can only Annie and Hans see, while the rest can not. All this should work the same php page.

Is it possible to put it into the div tag or add a javascript that only applies to selected divs?

I have a timeline, a bit like what Facebook's has on your profile. I it needs to shows different content based upon who is logged in. Sometimes the content will appear to all, while other content only appear to three people, because it is only relevant for them.

I hope I explained the problem well enough and that you can help me!

Thanks for your help!