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Author Topic: Pro Tips that Help You Choose the Right Wall Paint Colour  (Read 1891 times)
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« on: September 26, 2016, 11:24:18 AM »

Each year, hundreds of homeowners get home renovations in order to maintain the condition of their homes. One of the most common out of all these renovation work includes a paint job in the entire home. Getting your interior or exterior painted requires a lot of effort and time. The effort and time is not only in terms of labour, the duration of applying paint and making the space ready for use, but also about deciding the right kind of paint colour.
Each room of the house has a different purpose, hence requires a different paint colour in order to bring out the best in the room. Here are some pro tips that can help you paint the walls or interior of your home the right colour:
1. When using warm colour paints – use one main colour and a softer tone of the same colour to lighten the effect and create a balance (the softer tone acts as an accent colour). This technique works well for all rooms.
2. For rooms that are narrow – paint the lengthwise walls in a lighter shade of colour, while for the ends, splash it with a darker tone. This makes the narrow room look broad and roomy. Once you paint the room, you can also add a mirror to the walls to give it more width and make it look wide and spacious.
3. Check the paint colour in day and night light – before you pick paint colour, make sure you check it in both broad daylight and during the night. All colours appear different in day light than in artificial lighting through bulbs or chandeliers.
4. The colour placement can make a difference – a warm colour on the walls gives a completely different effect than when the same colour is painted on the ceiling. The colour coordination and its application on the right place can make a huge different to the entire look of the room.
5. A paint colour on the walls appears lighter as compared to the same one on the ceiling, so if you want to opt for the same tone for both the walls and ceiling, then choose a tone lighter for the ceiling.
Many companies offer quality wall paint colours for interior and exterior of homes and office. Some even offer colours from top paint manufacturing companies at wholesale rates. Also, look for reputable companies that offer colour advice; you can always benefit from expert advice since the right colour can make a world’s difference to the entire room or home. Paint wholesalers provide discounts on amateur and professional paints, and they also offer a large variety of paint accessories including paint brushes, paint rolls, trays, varnishes, etc. Make sure you find a reputable paint company who you can trust to provide with the best quality paints that are quick to dry and

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