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Author Topic: Chemical Free Facials  (Read 1954 times)
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« on: July 25, 2016, 08:27:47 PM »

The whole point of a facial is to deep clean your skin, remove oil and dirt and allow natural skin regeneration.  Using chemical or synthetic ingredients to do this can cause more harm than good. Many consumers have come to realize that technology and science has bulldozed its way into cosmetics without analyzing the long term effects some of these so called miracle ingredients can cause.  Applying toxins and chemicals to your face might give a short term illusion of better skin, but the effects don't last, and many of the consequences are dangerous and unhealthy.

Oddly enough, 30D stretch satin stripes some of the oldest skin care remedies have been renewed as the buying public look for alternatives to harsh skin care products.  We see a trend toward non-invasive and organic supplements that naturally improve our appearance.  Some of the simplest and most effective methods to deep clean your skin, are tried and true remedies from your grandmother's kitchen. Deep Clean with Steam:  Sophia Loren, the famous actress known for her immense beauty, once stated that nothing opens the pores like a steaming plate of spaghetti.Steam, is in fact, one of the best ways to open pores and allow for the removal of built up oil and dirt.  

Using freshly boiled water in a bowl, simply drape a towel over your head and hold your face over the bowl to allow the steam to penetrate and open up your pores.  This method has been used for centuries, and it's the safest and most reliable way to open pores.  You'll notice an immediate reduction in blackheads as your skin is opened to allow the disposal of oil and debris.Applying the cleanser of your choice after your steam will allow the product to penetrate the skin and remove any toxins and dirt.  Make sure you rinse well, so no traces are left behind.  Follow the natural pore opening process with the natural closing process.  That is of-course, cold.  

Rinse your face by splashing it with very cold water at least ten times.  This is critical to close the pores and prevent make up, dirt or other contaminants from entering through the pores.  When you are done, you're left with clean, wholesome skin.Chemical peels are a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses chemical acid solution to make certain improvements on the facial area and other parts of the body as well. The procedure involves removing the damaged skin cells on the outer surface of the skin.

The good thing is the prcised formula needed to treat the specific skin condition can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the patient suffering from it. However, the procedure can't slow or change the aging process. There are different types of treatments and their results vary accordingly as well. The treatment to be given will very depending on the circumstances of the individual. Before you decide to have a treatment, there are many things you have to know about the procedure first. A thorough evaluation will be the best resort to find out everything there is about chemical peel treatment. You should ask your doctor about concerns you wish to understand much better.

It is a popular cosmetic procedure. It enhances the way you look and boost your confidence and self-esteem back. One of the benefits is the possibility of removing pre-cancerous growth of skin that may lead to more serious problems in the future. It also works best to soften acne scars on the face and control it as well. The procedure that involves chemical peeling, in some cases may be covered by your health insurance. To make sure that it does, contact your insurance company and ask about it.

There are three stages of chemical peeling. Light, moderate to moderately severe and deep peel. Alpha hydroxy acid or Imitation copper ammonia slub cloth, also fruit, lactic and glycolic acid and beta-hydroxy acid or BHA are used are used for the mildest form of treatment. These acid solutions produce light peels. TCA or trichloroacetic acid is for moderate to moderately severe skin conditions. Lastly, Phenol is the strongest form of acid solution; it is used to treat deep chemical peels. The patient can choose the right treatment for her current skin condition. This will promote being treated appropriately with the right treatment for the exact skin ailment.

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