6 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Education

Started by Catriona Cerys, May 18, 2016, 01:53:31 PM

Catriona Cerys

Education in a broader context needs to be perceived as a life changing process because people have changed their lives to the next level in reality with the help of education.  Therefore, people with the passage of time have become much more passionate and serious about the learning or education. As far as the significance of academic education in the life of every individual is concerned, there is no point of denying this attribute that education has provided great opportunities to people who belong to different parts of the world.

In addition, those people who want to make their lives more reasonable and influential they are needed to explore the benefits of getting dissertation proposal help UK as much as possible. Therefore, different sorts of people have actually understood the true benefits of education in a great way. At the same time, they do not want to hear any suspicious or bad information about education whatsoever. Being a true well wisher of an education you are not interested in exploring and examining these 6 myths about education. These 6 myths or assumptions are described as follows:

1.   Education is not cost effective
2.   Education does not add value in learning
3.   Education does not guarantee success in one's life
4.   Education does not fulfill one's dreams and objectives
5.   Education is not the only source of inspiration or motivation
6.   Education does not offer higher lifestyle and income

There are people who have not been able to comprehend the advantages of education in a detailed manner. Hence, they are unable to see positive aspects in their lives, therefore, they must explore dissertation proposal in order to gain the true and influential benefits of lives. Moreover, these above-provided assumptions or myths are explored in a detailed manner as follows:

Education is not cost effective

All sensible or wise people who belong to different countries of the world realize the importance of education in an appropriate way. Therefore, this is a wrong impression that education is highly expensive because online education has become sufficient and cost effective tool of contemporary education.

Education does not add values to life

This is another wrong perception about education as education offers and provides so much value to one's life in a great way.

Education does not guarantee success in one's life

This negative viewpoint should be changed as early as possible because education does provide success to all people in their lives.

Education does not fulfill dreams

Education completes and also makes people happy and satisfied provided that people understand the application of education in a true way.

Education is not the only source of motivation

To a large extent, education has become the only source of inspiration for many people from all around the world.
Education does not offer higher lifestyle and income
Education offers greater income opportunities and higher lifestyles to people who are living in different parts of the world successfully.

Wrapping Up:
Being a sensible person you are supposed to defend education in the best possible way because every wise person in his or her life attains success due to the efficient application of education. Therefore, we have to transform the negative perception about education into a positive and appealing one so that the coming generations could obtain the real advantages of education in the future.


Such a great piece of information. People always think that education is not cost effective and it is not worth it to spend thousands of dollars on education. However, education always benefits in a longer run. Sometimes, people don't find a suitable job after they graduate but this is not something you should lose heart on. This is the chance for you to learn and polish your skills. There is definitely something better that awaits you which is why you didn't get hired early in your career.
Some people have lots of knowledge and academic medals but they won't make it through the interview. They get confused when they encounter some tricky interview questions and can't answer them right. Therefore, it is always advised to prepare well for interview and not only rely on your qualifications.