Have a preferred look mut 25 coins

Started by thxyoulistenme, April 07, 2016, 10:41:08 AM


Not all mut coins squads are indifferent. Some have different dancing styles so it would be handy to watch all their moves in order to prepare for the audition. Watch their moves on TV or online on their Youtube or website. com. Some squads offer classes or clinics so make sure to take advantage of those to better prepare yourself. In addition these clinics/classes can get you more exposure to the team which could work advantage come audition time.

Try to anticipate what kind of "look" often the squad is going for. Some may have a preferred look they will want to see in their cheerleaders. If you can note that, try to achieve that look then. Go to a good facial foundation artist and hair stylist and experiment over the year to discover which one will get you the look you need so when it comes time, that look can be had by you ready for the auditioning process. Longer hair is better so try not to cut mut 25 coins it short usually.