User approval before allowing access to a protected page

Started by saktiyantra, December 03, 2015, 12:25:20 PM



Thanks for the script. I need advice on how we as admins/managers, can approve/disapprove a user before he/she can access a protected page. Right now a user can immediately access a protected page on signing up and then logging in with the username/password, without any approval from the site manager.





I found a way to work around this. We will need to create 2 pages.

1) A page (which will have the protection string) which will contain text informing the user that his credentials will need to be approved before he can access the protected page.

2) A page (which will have the protection string) which will contain the actual content that needs protection.

So now if a user tries to login with his username & password (immediately after signing up), page 1 will come up.

We have enough time in the meantime to check his credentials and if hes approved, we can set the redirection URL in the managers.php page to page no 2.

Thanks again for the script,



Thanks for sharing! Please backup a file that contains signed up users list. Some users reported that file sometimes get cleared and can loose all users. Unfortunately, this is not yet fixed. So backup users file just in case this happens you'll have a backup.