User Password not working

Started by yunker, May 15, 2015, 09:06:00 PM


I have uploaded the Advanced Password Protect and was able to access the protected pages using the ADMIN_PASSWORD.

Then I made the change in the setting.php file that allows for both login & password to be visible on the login. (Unfortunately, this didn't work unitl I also went into the password_protect.php file and updated the same code to match.)

     // request login? true - show login and password boxes, false - password box only
     define('USE_USERNAME', true);

I then went to the manager.php file and created a test login with password and email BUT when I try using that log in to access the website, I keep getting an error stating that it is the wrong password.

Is there another setting that I need to update for it to recognize the user.php file for login/passwords?

Also, once I have it connecting to the user.php file correctly and using both login & password combos, is there a specific login that I should use for the admin?


ADMIN_PASSWORD is the password to be used only by Admin to access manager.php. Other users must not have access to this password.

manager.php should show protection string (at the top if i remember correctly) to be added at the top of each page you want to protect. Here in manager.php admin sets up users and their passwords. Users should be able to access protected pages using login/passwords created by admin.

password_protect.php is for admin protection. So your change forces script to request username on login to manager.php, it has no effect on pages for users.

So remove you change in password_protect.php, and you (e.g. administrator/manager) will be able to login to manager.php using admin password like before.
Your users will be able to login to protected pages with username and password created by admin (the one you added using manager.php)