Get Live Chat Integration on Website and Imperove Online Business

Started by ThomasGrey25, April 13, 2015, 09:40:02 AM


Live chat software is an essential part for all kind of small and big online business. It will help to humanize your website, which improve your online customer trust on you.

Live chat software will provide you an easy to access platform to connect with your numerous online visitor in real time and help to provide them best customer support service. Here I like to introduce eAssistance Pro live chat software for websites.

eAssistance Pro is a secure 3rd party chat solution, easy to integrate and use. Apart from real time communication with online customer, it also help to monitor online customer activity and analyze website traffic. eAssistance Pro is a multitasking live chat software, because it allow you to handle multiple online customers at one point of time. To get eAssistance Pro live chat software on website user just need to register a free account at

eAssistance Pro live chat software is support all big CMS and CRM. To know more about this visit


I would really like to know more about this as I have recently created a new website and I am providing some bestessays discount code on it and I am sure this software would be helpful for me. Knowing more about this would help me with the work.


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