Make your Customer Happy With Instant Customer Support on Website

Started by JamesBlunt25, March 20, 2015, 09:24:03 AM


To make your online customer happily satisfied integrate Live chat software on your website. Live chat software can bring you a very easy to use platform to communicate with your online customer. Here I like to introduce the updated version of eAssistance Pro live chat software for online business websites. Apart from real time communication it also allow you to do many more useful task which help you to generate more revenue.

Features of eAssistance Pro -

  • User can handle multiple online customer queries
  • Proactive chat to invite your online customer for chat
  • Co-Browsing facility
  • Real time monitoring of website
  • Analyze website traffic
  • Post chat survey
  • Easy file transfer during chat
  • Secure and reliable platform for communication

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