My Password Protect Advanced version

Started by brygee, September 05, 2012, 03:00:54 PM


I have used  Zubrag's Password Protect Advanced script for a while now, but I needed more features.  Using my limited programming knowledge I have (I think) successfully built my own version.

Uses sessions Ids
Sqlite data base driven
Register - Lost Pass - Change Pass features (that can be turned on an off via admin) With confirmation emails - emails admin too
Captcha added
CSS simple to change to suit any website
Activate - confirm email sent when active
Redirect based on levels so only certain groups can access certain pages << need to finish this
Add new groups activate/unactivate
Emails can be configured via admin panel

Each level has an id so you can assign different login forms to go to  certain pages.

are there any other features needed? Open to suggestions


I am trying to contact you on your site, there is no script to download and I can not contact you because your contact form captcha doesn't work, it does not recognize it correctly, frustrating...

Also I can't send you DM here because captcha is giving values that looks like o,0,D which looks totally the same and now I can't send it specific period of time... also wav file to listen is actually index.php that needs to be renamed to hear that 0 is actually letter D... it's just one of those days, I guess...

Anyway, can you give me link to the script with changes that you made? I am strugling with adding sessions and sqlite.

Thank you for your help.