strip html also stripping my text

Started by getdim, March 23, 2012, 07:29:50 PM


I frequently use this script to strip html tags (alot of <font> tags - <font color="#ff00">text here</font> etc) from my previous craigslist ads before reposting them, but lately when i try to use the script its stripping most of or all of the text in between the opening and closing font tags as well as the tags themselves.


Tried it, and here is result. What is wrong with it?

tags - text here


its not working for me.
several days in a row i tried using it on something like this:
<font size="10" face="Bodoni MT="  # FF0000">  Exterior Home Lighting </font>

<font size="5" face=" Bodoni MT " color="#FF0000">
Lighting can turn your so so Landscape into a Beautiful Nighttime Masterpiece. </font>

<font size="5" face=" Bodoni MT " color="#FF0000">
At Total Home Solutions we work with landscape architects and individual homeowners to create the Ultimate Exterior Lighting Experience.

Whether you're looking to enhance your yard, walkways, garden, pool, and deck or accent a special landscape feature, you'll find it all in your budget. </font>
<font size="6" face=" Bodoni MT " color="  # C10606"> We stand by our word.  At THS we have a long history of being a reputable company.  Being a subsidiary that runs the recycling program for the City of Detroit.  At THS never will we change our price on the work that we quoted you.  All work done by THS is under full Warranty. Our Warranty is legally binding.  THS is both licensed and insured in the State of Michigan. </font>

<font size="5" face=" Bodoni MT " color="#FF0000">
The Right Outdoor Lighting Illuminates the Appeal of any Exterior Space. </font>

<font size="10" face=" Bodoni MT " color="  # C10606 "> Call us Today for a Quote
</font><font size="10" face=" Bodoni MT " color="#FF0000"> 800-520-1140</font>

<font size="6" face=" Bodoni MT " color="#FF0000">Or Visit our Website to Take Advantage of our other Services</font>
<font size="10" face=" Bodoni MT " color="  # C10606"></font>

i told it to allow <br> <br /> (some of the ads use improper line break tags like [icode]<br>[/icode] )
and when i click the button to strip the tags it strips everything. i get a completely blank box.

i took a vid of it. but the forum system wont let me post the link


heres the link:
ht tp: // youtu. be/N3Wo YbdyWLk


I see, thanks, that's because html is not valid, extra quotes

<font size="10" face="Bodoni MT="  # FF0000">  Exterior Home Lighting </font>

Will think how to workaround this


thanks for your sharing, it helps me lot.

David jack

HTML Tags are stripper is designed to strip HTML tags from the text. yes, it can be stripped. there are many tools you can search and use it