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Title: The best swf compress
Post by: soft25 on April 01, 2010, 02:05:22 AM
 SWF Compress (http://www.swfcompress.com/) is such a software that mainly purpose for Flash Compressor, its mainly function is to compress swf with output quality lossless (up to 70% quality of the original swf video quality).

    * Suport compress SWF to EXE or EXE to SWF
    * Support SWF Vector, font, morphing, picture, audio/video compression, and AS script optimization.
    * both intelligent optimization and advanced manual optimization supported.

Here I also recommend this software to you which is called FLV to SWF converter, united with multiple functions,  FLV to SWF Converter (http://www.convertflvtoswf.com/how-to-convert-swf-to-video.htm) gets more and more popular with flash lovers.