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Title: Sharing : If Firefox keep caching you captcha
Post by: maleosx on February 04, 2009, 03:08:40 AM
hii i use your antispam script...zubrag

my opinion it is very2 great and you're the best.
i just want to to sharing the problem and maybe other fellow have the same problem as me.
like this one :
scott July 28, 2008
hi this is great. Just a note: second script by Andre from Brazil doesnt work in my firefox becuase firefox caches the captcha image? works in IE though

the one problem of this script is always cached by the firefox. but work very well with Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE6,7,8.

the only problem is only with firefox  :D

well if you have the same issue then try this :
when you call the antispam.php add some parameter with random value;

echo '<img src="YourFolder/antispam.php?time='.date('YmdHis').'">';
echo '<img src="YourFolder/antispam.php?time='.rand(1,999999).'">'; (but sometimes not work because rand can create same code ordered twice)

But if anyone have another solution better than me please share...i want to learn from other too. thx.

maleo...noob programmer  ;D