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Author Topic: Flash and Password Protect  (Read 2524 times)
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« on: July 11, 2011, 04:32:08 PM »

The description of this code sounds great.  The function seems to be skipping directly to the Flash code without any login showing.

I followed the directions.  I can call the function directly from the browser to get the proper "path" line to insert.  I have installed
that line as first in the program (in my case html which only has the embedded code for the flash.)  I have tried the following to
make it work:

1) Renamed the index.html to index.php  -  FAILED, goes directly to the flash code
2) Tried the "quick n dirty fix"  by inserting 
             print <<<END_OF_HMTL
                     after the protect line and the related
                     after the end of the html code and renamed the file to index.php  - FAILED, goes directly to the flash code
3) Tried to combine #2 with the first line protect code by removing the close PHP ?> on the protect line and following <?php
     on the quick n dirty code  - FAILED, only showed a blank screen

One thing of note:  The background screen is showing for a short time before the rest of the Flash code is showing, which leads
me to believe its trying to do something, but no login is displayed and goes directly into the Flash code.  I have read through the
comment posts about the password_protect.php but nothing that has helped. 

I was planning on adding the MySQL support for this code to use a database for the login accepted entries.  But I cannot get the
base protection code to run. 

Server: Apache, PHP5

I have been programming for decades and this is frankly driving me up the wall.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly


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