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Author Topic: How to Use variables instead of plain text in #LOGIN_INFORMATION  (Read 3601 times)
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« on: August 04, 2008, 05:55:05 AM »


Basically i set the variables by reading from an ini file calling an class script located in same folder. However i can problem making it accept the assigned variable password. Its not possible to use variables in arrays?

Heres what i done, the text in red is what i struggling with.
SAMPLE if you only want to request login and password on login form.
Each row represents different user.
include "readini.class.php";
  $ini = new readini;
  $SMS[1] = $ini->ReadIniValue("SMS.ini", "Login", "SMS");
  $SMS[2] = $ini->ReadIniValue("SMS.ini", "Login", "SMS2");
  $SMS[3] = $ini->ReadIniValue("SMS.ini", "Login", "SMS3");
  $SMS[4] = $ini->ReadIniValue("SMS.ini", "Login", "SMS4");

  'User1' => $SMS[1],
  'User2' => $SMS[2],
  'User3' => $SMS[3],
  'User4' => $SMS[4],


Thx in advance

EDIT: Worth mentioning is that i only want password login and i took the first login information in table. The part with only password contains only $SMS[1]...


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