Parked Domain Creator ?

Started by jaman, January 21, 2008, 02:09:30 AM



Nice scripts! I was looking for a 'parking domain creator' though
Anyone know of such a script, or would it be possible to modify cPanel Subdomains - or Addons - Creator, so it would park the domains instead?

I am interested in this because I wanted to write a simple domain monetization/parking script, and I think much is possible with Cpanel's parked domain option, but it would be great if there was a simple way to mass park in bulk


Hi. Use this script for now. Will add it to the cpanel script list later.

Lets assume domains.txt contains the list of parked domains, one domain per line.

$user = "cpanel username";
$pass = "cpanel password";
$domain = "cpanel domain or ip address";
$theme = "x"; // cpanel theme, usually x
$domains = file("domains.txt");

foreach($domains as $pdomain) {


that easy ;D ? thanks

this is really great. all it takes to make your domain monetization site, is Cpanel parking option, db with domains and keywords, using $_SERVER[HTTP_HOST] to determine the real domainname and creating a nice costumized parkingpage. we can even use a single wordpress installation to manage unique content for each domain. I'm so excited :D have a good day!


So this will create the dns entry and add in as a parked domain on username┬┤site =  Then if I use the forwarder creation script I can add email forwarding to that and have a nice little system !

Am I correct in that it will add the dns as well =





I apologize for bumping an old post. I am interested in mass domain parking adder and I tried this script but couldn't get it to work. Anyone have new solutions?


Sorry to reply to such an old thread, but I found it recently searching Google for an automated parked domain script so I can monetize the parked domain page.

Hi. Use this script for now. Will add it to the cpanel script list later.

I visited that link and found this:

Do you have a similar script for regular parked domains instead of sub-domains? I know you placed a code example in this thread, but I'm not really a coder  :-\