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Articles :: Google Site Targeted Ads Explained

Google now allows advertisers to choose individual sites where they'd like their ads to appear. This option is good for businesses who want to promote a product to a very specific audience.

Site Targeted Ad Look

Site targeted ads can be of two types: text and image. Typical ad block (ex: leaderboard, square) contains few contextual ads, while site targeted ad usually fills whole ad block, larger font (if it is textual ad), which makes it more noticeable.

Site Targeted Ads Pricing

Site targeted ads pricing differs from traditional keyword-targeted ads pricing. Keyword-targeted ads are payed per click, while site targeted ads are payed per thousand impressions (CPM). This means advertiser will not be charged for clicks on his site targeted ads.

CPM for site targeted ads can be as low as $0.25. This means average ad impression cost can be as low as

$0.25 / 1000 = $0.00025

Note: as with all AdWords advertising, you'll compete for space with other advertisers. If you choose very prominent and popular sites, you'll need a higher price to win the ad position. Your ad will not be shown even single time if you set up too low CPM. So you can try from low CPM and later rise it if no impressions.

Creating Site Targeted Campaign

In order to create site targeted campaign you can either:
  • Log in to your AdWords Standard Edition, and click the 'Create a new site-targeted campaign' link on the Campaign Summary page. Then follow instructions.
  • Go to a target site and find some AdSense ad with "Advertise on this site" link on it. Click the link, and follow instructions.
    Note: Google allows AdSense publishers to remove "Advertise on this site" link from AdSense ad blocks being published on their web sites. So this option may not work.

You can target your ad to one site or multiple sites by listing target URLs.


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