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Articles :: Most Popular Freelance Sites

Whether you are a professional looking for a place to freelance, or you have an idea that you would like to realize but have no appropriate skills, consider below list of the top freelance sites.

Some of them allow you to join for free. Others are subscription sites where you pay a recurring monthly/quarterly/yearly fee. Besides, most also charge a transaction fee which is a certain percentage of the project budget.

You can find much more freelance sites, but most of them are not as popular as those listed below.

GetAFreelancer.com (Sweden, started in February 2004)

For professional programmers, interpreters and graphic designers. Ability to work independently and choose among hundreds of projects. Unique feature: freelancers can signup for fully functional debit MasterCard®, which can be used at ATMs, at stores and online anywhere around the world. It is like Western Union, but more simple and flexible. There is a free escrow system for freelancers and buyers.

ScriptLance (Canada, started in 2001)

Provides a service that helps businesses find freelance programmers and designers for their projects. Over 100 new projects posted every day, most of them are web-based. This site has the lowest fees. ScriptLance provides users with escrow payment options to help projects get completed smoothly. No recurring fees, no project posting fees. Webmaster/Programmer will have to pay per project fee at the point of project acceptance (when webmaster had selected a programmer for the project and programmer accepted the project). Best if you want really cheap coding. Join for free and get $1 signup bonus.

eLance (USA, founded in 1998)

One of the largest freelance site. The best site if you want a large professional job. However if you are looking at a smaller job or you cannot afford yourself spending much money you may be better off with Rent-a-coder or Scriptlance. Elance charges the freelance providers to just be listed on the site, whereas Rent-a-coder and Scriptlance only charge the providers once a project has been selected.

Guru.com (USA, started August 2000)

Directly connects businesses with over 520,000 freelancers who specialize in over 160 professional categories including: website design, programming, graphic design, business consulting, and administrative support. Whatever your specialization, you can be sure that the site has a wealth of projects in your field.

Rent-a-coder (USA, started in 2001)

The site has about 20,000 registered buyers. When you get a project done through Rentacoder you put the entire project fees into an escrow account. You don't release the fees until the project is complete. This is good because it gives reassurance to the coder that they are going to pay you, but it also can be difficult if you have a large project, because you have to pay the entire amount into an escrow account, although you can put the project into stages and pay based on each stage.


September 24, 2006

It's a great alternative to chasing offshore freelancers. These guys are us based. Their best feature is - you get a quote within hours and there are no bidding games.

They're more expensive than RAC and Elance but I guess you get what you pay for.
marketing [anti-spam] dynamicwebsol.com
November 7, 2006
Please add this new freelancers site to your freelance sites list:
March 18, 2007
You can also add http://www.BidFreelancers.com to your list. No registration fees no Project posting Fees. Indian Freelancers can be paid via ICICI or any other local ank trasnfer as well via Paypal.
Charles R.
March 22, 2007
Getafreelancer is very Good. Now I had a very bad experience with getacoder. These people are FRAUDS!! Please do not go there. Find out their schemes on this site http://getacoderscam.tripod.com Expose this fraud
Fluffy Designs
May 12, 2007
Another one which is growing rapidly is http://www.it-globalized.com. They launched in April 2007 but are already attracting a steady flow of projects.
May 26, 2007
I feel www.netafreelancer.com is also very good it has lower fees than the others, plus there support is amazing they have live chat and will respond within minutes unlike waiting days for other stes
Muhammad atif
May 26, 2007
Well, The www.codeguru.com is also a good site for professional elancers. You can add it to listing.
June 27, 2007
Sologig.com is another really good resource, they don't charge freelancers any longer and they have a ton of great projects.
July 19, 2007
Following are two authentic lists with To Freelance websites list
August 22, 2007
try <a href="http://www.sourcebench.com/category/reviews/the-ultimate-list-of-freelancing-job-sites/">Sourcebench's list</a> for better results
naveedul_haq [anti-spam] hotmail.com
September 5, 2007
I found New and better freelance site
it is http://www.workoutsource.net
November 7, 2007
Stay away from Scriptlance they are thieves! Dont believe me search google for a few minutes "scriptlance scam" This is the worste freelance website yet.

PS: zubrag.com Why do bother with a captcha when it is only text? You know it is readable by bots?
December 13, 2007
This is a freelance site where You will find good affordable Indian Freelancers.


All India Freelance IT Jobs Portal
jagtapvikrant [anti-spam] hotmail.com
December 27, 2007
I want to work part time.Data entry or vb6 softwares
meard [anti-spam] hotmail.co.uk
February 2, 2008
rty FixMee.com, worked for me,
February 7, 2008
Get A freelancer, is a very bad site for buyers, their support does not answer questions.

They use stock answers.

If there is a problem with a project, well you pretty much lose your money.

I suppose I'll never see that $4000 again. Lesson Learned.
March 20, 2008
i am a provider and have recently started using such sites for promotion; i do agree that GAF has problems-they didn't even respond to my question about their gold membership. I can't understand how people are working for less than $1 per 1000 word article- i can only imagine that clients like yourself are getting cheated.
On the other hand, i feel that the client also has responsibilities. Be realistic about your budget. Don't provide unreasonably low estimates, or the good ones don't bid.
May 7, 2008
I got badly insulted on GAF several times. GAF not only did not respond, but the rude member still remains GAF member. GAF is extremely slow most of the time and hard to navigate. I'm surprised it's a Swedish company. Definitely not recommended.
saifpia20 [anti-spam] hotmail.com
May 11, 2008
LivePerson has acquired Kasamba.com. LivePerson is a very good freelance site.
varun [anti-spam] galaxyweblinks.com
May 25, 2008
Also you can view latest freelance projects on - http://www.freelanceprojectupdates.com . It is the biggest search engine of freelance work. Freelance projects for freelance coders and designers
gjones [anti-spam] coremega.com
May 31, 2008
www.ICanFreelance.com is what works for me. There is a decent amount of jobs to programmer bids and makes it easy for me to get jobs also the interface is very easy to use and beautiful.
admin [anti-spam] remotegurus.com
June 10, 2008
Another freelance site worth mentioning is RemoteGurus.com (http://www.remotegurus.com)
John Richter
July 12, 2008
I would say, there are two very good sites:

Best, easy to use and lots of security protection for users.
July 22, 2008
www.Odesk.com is more secure and assurance of payment not like www.GetaFreelancer.com it's not secure buyer's sometimes run away and never get you paid.
mosekhou [anti-spam] yahoo.com
August 11, 2008
I have used most of the sites you described above-Guru and elance are goods. On the other sites, you get low-skilled consultants underbiding each other. The quality work is rubish and the project cost is well below anyone could think.

However, I now outsource my company projects to these guys www.ivoireconsultancy.org. It's not a bidding site-their consultants are all postgraduates, PhD, MBA and they work around the clock.
You know who you working with and they're very professionals.
August 12, 2008

https://www.projectbidz.com is another really good resource, they don't charge freelancers any longer and they have a ton of great projects.
August 31, 2008
I think try www.savvylance.com also there is only 5% commission if you complete $100 project, gold webmasters fee is reduced from $10 to $5.

September 22, 2008
STAY AWAY FROM SCRIPTLANCE. They are horrible (I mean the staff and the way they conduct their business). The programmers are as good/bad as any other freelance site because they all have accounts on all of the other freelance sites! So don't believe one freelance site will build you a better application than another :)
Scriplance will take your deposit and freeze it into their account and not respond to questions as another poster experienced. I know someone who transferred a large sum of money from SL as a withdrawal and it never made it to his bank account. When he contacted SL they said they didn't have any record of his money or transfer!
for software testing projects
September 24, 2008
I would recommed to get your software tested in 360logica software testing lab. I used these guys for my 3 projects and they are very professional. delievered end to end testing solutions, accessible around 16 hrs in a day. And very good domain knowledge in mobile, finance, retail, telecom, ecommerce etc softwares.

Cooen Berg
San Diego
September 30, 2008
Freelance-Projects.info aggregates freelance job postings from the sites listed above. While it’s really geared towards helping freelance service providers find their next contracted project, it can also be a great resource to help you mine for the experts you need to complete your next project. You can do this by simply using their search engine to find posted projects that are similar to what you are wanting to do or those that require the same technologies or programming language expertise that are required for your project. Just type in the relevant keywords and phrases that relate to your project, click on one of the search results, and begin researching the list of bidders (freelance service providers) associated with that project.
thomsan.sophia3 [anti-spam] gmail.com
October 21, 2008
Another alternative-
Hello every one!
i wanted to hire virtual employees for web designing and SEO. Actually i am looking for whole virtual team. Because now it's become very expensive for our organization to recruit employees :( And we need reliable and quality virtual employees.
We were prepared to post our requisite on freelancers’ site. But we have observed that it's very time as well as money consuming process. So, what next?
Our team comes out with conclusion to directly contact companies who are providing virtual employee services. But the question is "RELIABILITY and Hiring charges".
We have got replies from some forums and communities. So, now we have one option company www.marketraise.com. it's nice.
But we want best service provider with better package.

Thanks in advance
October 26, 2008
Are you looking for a professional web design ? Do you want custom programming ?

We are skilled freelancers union in china, we work until the customer is 100% satisfied while provideing part services or a turnkey solution for your online presence. Our aim is to provide quality services for Small business and private individual websites at very competitive prices. Our main business is xhtml and css , but not limited to this field.E-commerce, CMS, Webblogs ... are also included. Our computer languages include HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, SQL, C#, C, Visual Basic, ASP and PHP.

for more details plz visit
lancerglobal [anti-spam] gmail.com
November 17, 2008

The World's Biggest & Cheapest Freelance Network
Welcome to LancerGlobal - A Freelance Hub For Web-Business.
December 14, 2008
getafreelancer.com is the best site according to me. I got all my projects done very professionally and no complaints about the freelancers there.

I do agree that some freelancers are bad. To avoid such situations always try to hire freelancers with atleast 10 good reviews and you will get good result.

The major mistake done by most buyers is that they post trial project because it is free, but you have to realize that only new freelancers with 0 reviews can bid on the trial projects.
December 14, 2008
hello everyone
well iam in search of data entry work and i have tried getafreelancer and scriptlance and odesk and actually most of reliable freelance websites but like gbalachander is advicing they choose ones with at least 10 reviews...ok if i am good and new on the site ,how will i get good reviews if no one actually tries me , i am fast and hard worker and dedicated to my work so much and i am actually looking for a chance to prove myself but no one wishes to try me
what should i do ?????
www.freelancerjungle.com [anti-spam] gmail.com
December 15, 2008
another new site for freelancers www.freelancerjungle.com. totally free for service buyers, no fees, no commission, no charges. it is the top economical freelancer site FOR BOTH SERVICE BUYERS & SERVICE PROVIDERS
December 24, 2008
I have had an amazing experience working with Limeexchange.com.The user interface is very simple to use and is appealing as well. One different thing that I've noticed with this platform is that they have umpteen different features available for users that none other sites have or provide!!! The budgets of the projects posted really goes to as high as 'More than USD 50,000. To add advantage to their amazing services, LIMEXCHANGE has a 24*7 team of professionals to assist the users instantly. They are true professionals to work with. Extremely happy to work with them. Must advise to definitely try them!!!!!!
lancerglobal [anti-spam] gmail.com
December 30, 2008
The biggest freelance website.It’s free to all freelancer /webmaster
Find Freelance Web Designers for Custom Web Design,Programmers, Graphic Designers, Coders,
Writers and more http://www.lancerglobal.com is the place to find Freelance Programmers, WebDesigners, Graphic Artists, IT Professionals, Translators, Writers, Consultants & other Freelance Professionals. If you have a project you need help on, you’ve come to the right place. Find qualified freelancers willing to do the job within your budget! Post your project for free and receive bids instantly.
January 7, 2009
Hey guys-

Don't know if you left these two out:

http://www.freak-lance.com (Web and graphic design projects only, worldwide)
http://www.thesuperlancers.com (All types of freelance projects, worldwide)

info [anti-spam] reedy-web.com
January 31, 2009
Another freelance site that looks promising is
It started out in '08 as a US only freelance site and was recently changed for international freelancers.
tspatel83 [anti-spam] gmail.com
February 15, 2009
which freelancer site is purely reliable and fully protected.??
February 19, 2009
If you are a professional or a serious buyer go to Elance, rentacoder is really bad for the professional because the arbiters there are retards, guru.com is full of cheap copying indians who would do a logo fro 5-35$ but the logo will have 100% copyright issues as it will take from brandsoftheworld.com or some stock vector pack from well all over the net.
February 19, 2009
Elance is a bit more expensive but It will give you some fantastic projects and for buyers get Award Winning Designer or Programmers, tested, carefully watched by the Elance staff and most of all real pro's.
I have accounts on the accounts above, I use to work on GAF, really bad website cheap and not really a good way to make money, I had 2 accounts on rentacoder (they don't know and will never know:)) ). and the best way to make money is Elance by far, the rest a copies or just plain all bad sites.
One more Suggestion for designers.
February 19, 2009
If you are good go to 99designs.com, if you will not a contest that has great prices logos from 500$ to even 1000$ and websites from 200 to 1200$, you will see the work of some of the best designers out there and learn from them.
February 19, 2009
Thanks for reading my messages, I hope they will help everyone who reads them.

Ioan Popa
Award Winning Designer,
February 19, 2009
Oh and as far as protection, rentacoder is 100% safe but will take 20% of your money..even more..(they say 15% but it's not true), Elance is 100% safe just as long as you have a payment plan discussed with the buyer, I use 50% Down Payment and 50% on Completion but very very Important 100% in Escrow.

Ioan Popa
Award Winning Designer,
February 27, 2009
You, probably, should add joomlancers.com to your list (joomla related freelance projects).
And also take a look at http://hotfreelancejobs.com - it has a lot of freelance projects from different freelance sites (only open projects!) at one place.
February 28, 2009
really GAF is not a good site, they never care for there members!!
i like these 2 sites



lancerglobal is new site but its good one,there behaviour is really nice.
March 18, 2009
Yes GetAFreelancer is not a good site, they never care for there members!! If you are in a need to build a web site just visit www.metasoft.co.in
robin.tgl [anti-spam] gmail.com
March 19, 2009
We are the graphics and web outsourcing firm in Indian sub continent. please visit our site http://www.tradexcelgraphics.com
acekabir [anti-spam] gmail.com
March 25, 2009
have you checked out www.questoutsourcing.com its a B2B marketplace for freelance project as well as huge projects that companies outsource. the best part is you even get tenders on this website. its free to register however you have to a minimum fee of 5-10USD to access the contact details of the clients, or go for membership which gives u unlimited access to projects and tenders. but only first 10-15 people get to access the project details in order to aviod more competition. Neat site, even they have online help for problem solving, many other features, overall a clear and clear concept site a must visit.
April 2, 2009
Dear all, we are now using elance.com and guru.com for our freelance. Our service is Graphics outsourcing. For more details http://www.tradexcelgraphics.com
vijay_lawyer123 [anti-spam] yahoo.com
April 9, 2009
Really Mr ACE.Kabir

your site is really helful i liked the membership options that you have. I think you have a really bright future.

Keep it up........Cheers
April 14, 2009
Hi, We are bidding the elanc.com. Elance is very nice site for bidding. Thanks to zubrag.com and elance.com
m3fs [anti-spam] hotmail.com
April 20, 2009
I'm glad someone took Getacoder from the List. Getacoder is probably the WORST site on the business. They have absolutely NO RESPECT for anyone. Dont go there please. GETACODER IS A SCAM!! Choose Scriptlance!
parsibagan [anti-spam] gmail.com
May 2, 2009
What are the best freelance sites that are reliable and offer opportunities to content writers, Thanks in advance for the feedback
luke [anti-spam] gmail.com
May 8, 2009
i use this site for php work
May 20, 2009
I used www.limeexchange.com for getting freelance projects... looks a good site
June 5, 2009
i hate odesk.com, people were so greedy and they dont find ways helping newbies to find a job.
harun.sumon [anti-spam] live.com
June 10, 2009
Dear all,
I am working in Motorola (BD) Ltd. as a Sr. Executive (Project Planning). I want to participate in Freelancing jobs e.g. Project Management/ Data Entry and Virtual Office Work. Even though having confidence in successful completion of the assigned project, how can I find a project after bidding as it is tuff to manage without review?
June 12, 2009
hey i got a overview of all freelancers sites, thanks for sharing. post some more so that it may useful for many freelancers.
gautam3393 [anti-spam] gmail.com
June 19, 2009
Please remove Scriptlance.com from your list of Freelance sites. This is a third rate site for service providers. It may be good for buyers - but for service providers - its not good as they deny payment withdrawal requests without rhyme or reason. Even if a Freelancer has money in escrow - they wont be able to withdraw it.
June 19, 2009
Hey guys. I just saw this new site - it might be worth checking out - www.professionalsupermarket.com
support [anti-spam] congruentsolution.com
June 21, 2009
Visit: http://www.onlinemarketpoint.com/ For professional programmers, interpreters and graphic designers. Ability to work independently and choose among hundreds of projects. Unique feature: freelancers can signup for fully functional debit MasterCard®, which can be used at ATMs, at stores and online anywhere around the world. It is like Western Union, but more simple and flexible. There is a free escrow system for freelancers and buyers.
shreerambhat [anti-spam] gmail.com
June 27, 2009
best elance sites
vla [anti-spam] 3sec.info
July 25, 2009
My experience is that Getacoder is a bunch of thiefs and crooks. I don't have the time to explain all in detail. I'm sure hundreds or thousands of companies have just like me been stolen thousands of dollars. After one year I finally realise that I will never see my money back. It is a pitty that there is no international court for such commercial thefts.
contact [anti-spam] bitstarsolutions.com
July 25, 2009
I represent a small software development company from Romania, called BitStar Solutions. We have used RAC and GAF to find project in the past, and all I can say is that if you don't have reviews then you have absolutely no chance of getting a decent project with money in it for you. First few projects you take will have to take will be almost for free, and for clients that appreciate dirt-cheap prices above anything else. Also keep in mind that this kind of client is the one most likely to act unreasonable, ask for the impossible and change the requirements on the way, without accepting that the cost or time required changes as well. The risk is to get a bad review through no fault of your own, which will in turn lower the chances to get a good client in the future.

Also the market is saturated by Chinese and Indians that were very cheap to begin with. Sometimes they provide quality, sometime the low price is very justified :P
July 31, 2009
yea RAC (rentacoder) is great one, i did my web directory <a href="http://www.yourlivedirectory.com">Submission Free</a> from there!
August 11, 2009
I have been working with Debashis for the last 2 years, this guy work 18-20 hours a day along with his well skilled team, responding to queries, updates and instant solutions.
If you are looking for a reasonable quote with high quality work and also continuous maintenance, contact his email address debashis@itechnoweb.com.

He has proved himself to be the best.

Manchester, UK
Josh Simpson
August 13, 2009
I have found a lot of good freelance projects at http://www.freelance-jobs-now.com/. It is free for now, you can try it for all types of freelance projects.

Happy freelancing!
Vivek Wadkar
August 17, 2009
Add www.consultgenie.com to your list.

ConsultGenie is an online marketplace for independent consultants and contractors (Providers). Providers can search and bid for Opportunities of their interest, set their terms and get paid what they’re worth. Buyers post Opportunities.

You can build a profile, search challenging opportunities in your area of work and get in touch with the best buyers.
arjua [anti-spam] yahoo.com
August 18, 2009
Nice to know about the list. I also try to post the links inside my blog <a href=http://arjudba.blogspot.com>Arju's blog</a>
August 19, 2009
Rentacoder is horrible. They are really bad with freelancers. It clears here http://arjudba.blogspot.com/2009/08/list-of-freelancing-job-sites.html
August 23, 2009
I have used GAF, Script Lance and Rent A Coder all with great results. You people need to go through and update these lists.
Some of the site have no projects, While others have projects which have been open since 2008

And I have always been paid
August 24, 2009
ODesk rocks!!!
September 1, 2009
Hi, everybody!
We are a software development company and would like to offer our services in the sphere of web design and software development for outsoursing. You can obtain the details about our company at www.dev4masses.com
Cancer Ali
September 5, 2009
Can any person tell me about www.getfreelancer.com that how can I submit work in safe, which i have done.
jalajinfotech [anti-spam] gmail.com
September 7, 2009
Need a person who can get us PHP projects ??
A professional Bidder/Marketing person would be right.
steve B
October 11, 2009
Scriptlance stole $600 from company. Rene Trescases. He is a fraud. Just google his name and Scriptlance. He should be investigated and put out of business
October 11, 2009
Some good outsourcing alternatives www.ufathom.com www.getacoder.com www.getafreelancer.com www.elance.com www.odesk.com
October 11, 2009
You can get all the information about which freelance site provides what from the following website.

October 12, 2009
www.befreelancer.com is a new freelancer website.
October 23, 2009
For the larger outsourcing deals you should take a look at the following:


There is no charge for buyers
javad,farooq [anti-spam] gmail.com
October 26, 2009
best site is odesk.com
November 6, 2009
For freelancers and buyers who want to have both options of fixed fees and bidding fee, 99Freelance.com provides the most comprehensive services at reasonable fees. The site address is http://www.99freelance.com.
shubhangiparse [anti-spam] gmail.com
November 27, 2009
I am freelance software tester & have experience of 2 years.I have done diploma in software testing course & 1 year job in I.T.Company.
grt.dev [anti-spam] gmail.com
November 29, 2009

What do you say about Hideveloper.com i think they have good concept
December 2, 2009
Hi, in my experience as a buyer RentACoder,GetACoder,GetaFreelancer are really worst.
All are fake companies costing too much for no work and the worst part is, Either they dont give you in proper time or they will ask extra time accusing you that you didnt tell the requirements.
I hate Indian Small software companies as they dont provide good quality and once money received they will vanish.
Please Note: Even I am an Indian but I just hate Indian small soft companies
December 6, 2009
I've tried a couple of online marketplace type of sites and found that mymuto.com was the cleanest and easiest to use. They have a great bidding and reputation system. Your profile is customizeable. All posting, bidding and winning is free. You can even form teams on the site and bid on projects as the team. The site was really thought out. Check it out..

December 6, 2009

You all can also try http://www.getaelance.com. Its free secure and most reliable freelancer website.
December 9, 2009
Elance is the best freelance web-site. You get a good framework to work on. After that, a lot depends on how buyer and developer interact.
December 15, 2009
I like 99freelance.com and elance.com
rexzooly [anti-spam] gmail.com
December 15, 2009
ConsultGenie is scam you get 90 days free they they charge, I am getting sick of all these sites that charge the programming or make the programmer lose out in the money i am thinging setting up one that will charge the buyer the comistion not the programmer as its helping them out also if anyone wants to see this email me rexzooly (AT) gmail.com I wont offer greatness but i offer fairness.

p.s why is the anti spam text?
kim kim
December 19, 2009
Hi freelancers!!!

All of you are getting insulted in your freelance sites!!! I have tried GAP and SL...what i experienced are the same for other guys!! wheew!! this sites sucks!!

However, ODESK is one of the best sites that i could recommend to you all! This is free, and you got the best talents in the outsourcing. Why not include this site? i ahve earn more than $500 in just two weeks...buyers are sometimes rude, but most of them are true..most jobs are fixed, zero experience got the badluck, while the experienced guys got the bread and butter.
You just need to be patient! There is always a first time! Now if you are not that kind of a freelancer, then you quit!
sudhirsoft01 [anti-spam] gmail.com
December 26, 2009
Hi all
I am freelancer working from last 2.5 years and i have developed many websites in php , wordpress , magento ,javascript ,jquery.
please take a look and visit below site. do not need to post your projects anywhere
you can directly contact me on these messangers.


Contact at :
skype : scott.softtech

Thanking You
Sudhir Tiwari
Sr. Engineer (PHP)
December 30, 2009
getafreelancer.com is now freelancer.com

babyjessyk [anti-spam] yahoo.com
December 31, 2009
Hi, I am looking for a distance job,8-10 hours like data entry. If someone can help me please contact me at babyjessyk@yahoo.com Thanks a lot
December 31, 2009
i think WWW.reliablefreelancer.com is good.
envisionstechs [anti-spam] gmail.com
January 6, 2010
I think best for buyers is to hire some company in low economy countries. I have been working these guys: http://www.xarasolutions.com/..Check it out. They are very professional and always deliver projects on time..Highly recommendable.
January 13, 2010
Phoenix soft solutions is one of the best in graphic designing, web designing, animation 2d-3d.
contact them and they will work promptly, i had a great experience with them.
email: gulgaurav@rediffmail.com
January 25, 2010
HI..I am good in MS Project. Able to produce simple planning and schedule. Please contact me if you need my service.
kushlani_32 [anti-spam] hotmail.com
January 27, 2010
Hi... with a Western Union account, what would the best online freelance sites for writing be? Those compatible with Western Union. Thanks
brainw6 [anti-spam] gmail.com
January 28, 2010
HI YOU CAN VISIT http://hellofreelancers.hpage.com to find legal and illegal freelance sites.They provise free training and introduction to start freelance career.
February 6, 2010
I like 99Freelance.com and its easy to follow interface. The services are for buyers and freelancers, and also include design showcase for graphics designers.
gmaf.support [anti-spam] gmail.com
February 6, 2010
Well Guys,

According to me http://www.GetMeAFreelancer.com is the best Freelancing website!
Its providing Services Free for Both Buyers and Freelancers! Its Good becauase when we saw other Freelancing webistes they are sucking Freelancers Hard Money very Badly! So we need A Good Alternative for that!
I think it will Rock but you Freelancers are which will make Website Rock!
So guys join it today and make website Freelancers Friendly
jisoft [anti-spam] yahoo.com
February 7, 2010
thanks for written an article on freelance business, i love to work as a freelance programmer, i think so scriptlance is having a gud business with quickest response, Thanks

February 13, 2010
Now days I use to earn a lot with 3G’s. They are nothing but




This 3 master’s are great at there way.

Getafreelancer will show you specific small and number of jobs.

Greatlance.com works are more secured and worthwhile to bid. They value your time.

Guru is for big players with big projects.
February 23, 2010
Check out www.lancemonster.com. This is new site with real potential. Very low fees and great service. The site is extremely easy to use.
February 23, 2010
I just checked out lancemonster.com; site is great looking. Fees are WAY lower than most sites.
February 25, 2010
http://www.freelancersjobz.com is unique one i felt because
No signup
Jobs via Mail
All type of categories
wpromance [anti-spam] 126.com
February 27, 2010
scriptlance is very bad , their payment system have problems also they aways ingnore your message when problems happen.
getafreelancer is not bad . but its try to earn more and more fee from the members now .

i'm a freelencer who did works on those site . after this i built my site <a href='http://www.brightyoursite.com'>http://www.brightyoursite.com</a>

just post your requirments then just check the work progress. thats so easy , we will save you much time
February 28, 2010
FK U where is my comment I spent an hour writing u bastardsssssssssss
March 1, 2010
GAF is very bad, they blocked my account and got $200 with not a comment.
I think the buyer and coder don't work on it.
RAC and Elance are the best.
March 6, 2010
Designtourney.com is a great place to get affordable graphic design. My business received over 200 proofs for $175. It was fun and only took 5 days from start to finish
March 7, 2010
I think Elance.com & Guru.com are the best freelancing site
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March 8, 2010
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March 17, 2010
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According to ODESK and SCRIPTLANCE are better. If you don't know how to start your career in freelancing visit the following link. You will find best answers.


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March 20, 2010
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March 29, 2010
New freelancer website www.freelancer.hk
March 31, 2010
I got Weso Infotech freelancer through guru.com.Exceptional coding skills and only works by milestone payments,i really recommend these guys to get things done
March 31, 2010
Hi friends, I am student, i need help for winning bid. In which site start
April 2, 2010
a gr8 site called www.dvalve.com. good starting with high project lead generations.high traffic. pls visit all and regiater..regards
April 8, 2010
Have anyone checked out Constant-Content?
Good way of getting paid for your writing!
April 21, 2010
Im a fan of guru and getfreelancer. Had no problems as of yet

May 3, 2010
I love all the wankers promoting their cruddy clone sites.
May 6, 2010
thank for sharing try to visit adsense site http://www.lifepk.com
May 9, 2010
Freelancer.com has a lot of providers but a really bad technical service!
May 12, 2010
there is a search engine for work-from-home projects called DoNanza. you can find there projects in any skill you have. I use it to find php projects. highly recommended - http://www.donanza.com/jobs/php
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May 25, 2010
Cortera (http://www.cortera.com) is a helpful free online resource for freelancers who want to learn (in advance) which of their prospective customers will likely pay them on time.
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May 25, 2010
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May 26, 2010
scriptlance.com is a scam
May 27, 2010
please to go to this site
May 31, 2010
Recommended: Elance.com
bounty76bg [anti-spam] yahoo.com
June 9, 2010
Many sites are full scam. There are close relations between some peoples. Why do the Hindy people are every where? I did not see any russians or ukrainians or bulgarians in these sites. These sites are monopolistic sites. I prefer classifieds. People who wants to receive pure payments, itis no use to use these sites, because there are many western people or hindi. It is a bad trick! Do not believe them.
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June 21, 2010
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July 4, 2010
I have been freelancing on Guru and Freelancer, on some of these sites, I found the UI made unnecessary complex may be for security reasons. I compared some of these sites in my blog which I recommend new freelancers must go through http://newonezdia.blogspot.com/2010/06/ezdia-against-other-freelancing-sites.html
Jobs without investment?
July 4, 2010
Jobs without investment?
At first i thought i couldn't have gotten a genuine site on net to make money online.
I was just lucky that a penfriend of mine show me a certain website to join.
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Oh... thanks to this great site.
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July 5, 2010
www.freelancer.com is the best.You can get your money really faster.Its free to join.However,there are Indian guys who hire people through this site and never pay.Another called ARJU BHOWMICH in Dhaka,Bangladesh is also a con.
Please beware
July 13, 2010
http://whichlance.com is the world's first freelance marketplace comparison site offering side by side comparison, ratings, and reviews of all the leading freelancing websites.
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July 17, 2010
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freelance websites - my choice
July 29, 2010
i work as freelancer and imo first two "freelance websites" are the best
not a getacoder client fortunately
August 3, 2010
For those interested in pursuing where their not so great deals with getacoder went, I spent about a day or so finding their real information, since they attempt to shield it at Network Solutions. They are registered in Wilmington Delaware with name Getacoder LLC, and appear to be owned and operated by the Valis Group, 501 Silverside Road Suite 105, Wilmington, Delaware, phone 302-792-0175. Good luck.
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August 10, 2010
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need help
August 11, 2010
i want to transfer money from elance.com to paypal and apal to my bank account but pakistan is not availible there what can i do ?
August 12, 2010
Hi all!

can you mention a few sites which supports western union? Bcuz most of these sites don't offer the services of western union.
I need scripts installed
August 12, 2010
I have two websites that need setup. PHP as well as Cons will need to be a know how.
Web Site don
August 12, 2010
I have two website that need to be set up on my hosting account with the scripts I already have.

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useful links
August 12, 2010
a cool list with some of the best freelance webistes can be found here
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Looking for Freelancers?

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August 18, 2010
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August 27, 2010
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August 30, 2010
I am looking for software testing freelance jobs.Pls provide me the sites(better ones)
August 31, 2010
I am the president of VALIS Group Inc., www.valisinternational.com, and although Jonathan L Campbell may be a brilliant coder (I have no idea), one thing he is NOT is a researcher (referring to his erroneous postings all over the internet on August 3rd, 2010). VALIS Group Inc. is a Delaware Registered Agent. We've formed thousands of companies for other people, of which getacoder LLC was one. Though they haven't been a client of ours since 2006. Please don't contact us about them, you'd just be wasting your time and mine. Do contact us if you want a Delaware company though, we'd be happy to help.

BTW, getacoder llc does not exist anymore.

David Gendron
September 3, 2010
Hey there all!

I live in Pakistan and there are no there method that I use other than western union. I use rentacoder for free lancing is there any other site that has western union as the payment option????
plichade [anti-spam] gmail.com
September 7, 2010
Please visit www.maximwebservices.in for best delivery in time... We have completed our project and they are good..
September 8, 2010
we are looking for captcha solvers from around the world who have good typing skills and hardworking for details can contact me at yahoo messengers here is id bustersolution@yahoo.com
September 12, 2010
oDesk is a great site where payment to programmer is guaranteed for the work done. It is very professional and hence you will find good programmers there.
September 20, 2010
also i have a list of TODAY'S best freelance sites at http://outsrcguru.110mb.com
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We have recently launched a freelance marketplace at <a href="http://www.kdlance.com">KDLance</a> and don't have any project fees!
September 24, 2010
hallow ,
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October 2, 2010
Who knows if any one will ever see this, but if anyone actually does, www.postsandbids.com is a good site.
October 3, 2010
some Bangladesh clients hire from freelancer.com and never pay , one of them are ASHIKUR RAHMAN FROM KUSHTIA , BANGLADESH
kassamir [anti-spam] yahoo.com
October 5, 2010

I am a finance professional, looking for finance freelancing jobs. Any recommendation of good and reliable sites? I have tried elance.com and guru.com.
nine.acres [anti-spam] ymail.com
October 29, 2010

It is a very great freelance website.
November 3, 2010
i was disappointed in guru.com becasue everyone there wants only subscribed freelancers. so you basically HAVE to pay them. what a nasty trick. can anyone recommend freelnace places for voice talent? besides odesk and freelancer.com
November 5, 2010
Hi, try codingpower.com
November 11, 2010
I have been working with weso infotech since 2 years and i would like to appreciate them for their quality and professionalism.I was not able to rate them in guru.com,because the time expired for providing ratings.

Well Done Weso, will definitely work with you in future.
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December 2, 2010
I started in a new freelancer site, he is small, but very friendly.
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December 4, 2010
Hi.I am Freelancer Web Developer.I work in 2 years in Web Development Company then I work in Freelance and Get a Good Work..www.viavirtual.in
December 15, 2010
For a trusted New York Based Web Design and Hosting firm, visit www.designstudioprox.com. Premium web design services without the Premium price tag.
igwenaomi [anti-spam] yahoo.com
December 15, 2010
I was also scammed by ASHIKUR RAHMAN. He parades as jiko06420. I did a lot of articles for him which he never paid for. I posted several of them on my blog http://mirealtripod.blogspot.com and http://steadyreal.blogspot.com
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December 16, 2010
www.dollar3.com provides an intriguing opportunity to outsource a wide array of tasks at an incredibly low price. It is a marketplace for services that are priced at $3.
December 18, 2010
hi I tried to find the freelancer sites that provide off line data entry work
if there are any site please send me on dwivedip74@yahoo.com.
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January 4, 2011
www.daniweb.com is the best site!
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January 12, 2011
Hi, i'm freelance web designer and i work in www.freelanpro.com. This is different and friendly site.
January 13, 2011
WWW.EBIZPROMO.COM Owned and Run by Mr.Keyur Parmar actually he is a cheater person . My writers wrote 20 articles for him and he told me that articles are rejected because of low qulaity. When I run it on copyscape.com then I found that articles was published on this website. www.tickets11.com. Now I am thinking to publish these articles on my blogs because he don't paid me.
Addressed to the higher managment of www.tickets11.com:

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Full detail of Mr.Keyur Parmar is given below:

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ull detail of Mr.Keyur Parmar is given below:
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I will publish this link on automatic link exchange system after 30mins if he will not pay me for it now.
Thanks for cooperation
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January 16, 2011
I would like to suggest http://www.hire-computer-consultant.com, a freelancing consultant website offering free registrations.
robdonn007 [anti-spam] hotmail.com
January 18, 2011
This site is fraudlent!
They closed my account and took $200 from me.
February 6, 2011
Please, be aware of php-freelancers.net. They took all my money, never paid my programmer through their escrow! When I wanted to withdraw my money they simply deducted it from my account but never sent me a single cent! A sheer robbery!
bgiles23 [anti-spam] yahoo.com
February 12, 2011
Has anyone tried CertificationPoint.org?
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February 17, 2011
Expert into business automation www.smalution.com
February 18, 2011
Try 99Desk @ www.99desk.com worked for me as a Freelancer
February 25, 2011
Freelancerin.com is a great freelancing site. I'm not sure why it is not included in this list.
February 26, 2011
www.postsandbids.com is a great freelance site.
markgates0 [anti-spam] gmail.com
February 27, 2011
i think i have founded some greate freelancer website free like
March 1, 2011
At the end of the day there is lot of competition out there & possibility of winning a bid is .1% . So better do a full time job
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Working as a freelancer is so much better than being employed.
I do all my work from home on <a href='http://www.iAmAnArtist.com/Freelancers/Index.aspx'>http://www.iAmAnArtist.com</a> as they seem to have the fairest payment.

As a flash programmer you can also earn money by developing flash games and publishing those on various networks.
March 3, 2011
Hi. There is a more comprehensive list of top freelance websites at http://www.lancecompare.com . Every website is analyzed on the basis of parameters such as number of freelancers, whether registration is free etc. I use it all the time
March 16, 2011
I HATE FREELANCER.COM LIKE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they suspended my account twice for now! their feedback system is f*kd up, the rating damn system is a mess! and the support is always awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, even if they are available, they do not care abt their members at all, they once asked me for my ID, my ID isn't english, the support idiot asked " do you have an english version of your ID?"!!!! wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!
surinderbhatia29 [anti-spam] gmail.com
March 22, 2011
these freelancing sites rae really good, thanks for sharing all these
<a href="http://freelancer-seo-experts.blogspot.com/">freelancer seo experts</a>
March 28, 2011
You guys should check out www.adzaro.com. They will be launching soon. It's a new concept where they integrate social with freelancing. Though it's not your typical freelancing site (based on their info), I am very curious to know how they will stack up against the rest of the competition. They do have a great idea though!
April 3, 2011
Hi,All vistiors to this site If some one looking for the software development.my suggestion is to reach out to dotslogic technologies which is based out in banglore.you can trust them.If they take money they do your work or they dont take money. But they have some policies for e.g they dont use leaving being images for application ,they dont take banking domain prject. But technically very strong.
April 7, 2011
sites asking for fees and payments are not genuine i dun think any of the sites listed above are genuine..
kevinsers [anti-spam] gmail.com
April 18, 2011

is also a freelance job site
omnya_samir129 [anti-spam] hotmail.com
April 19, 2011

dataentrywork.net is a freelance website. i tried it and i made a good money. it pays Bi-weekly. and has lots of projects.
and here is the link:
ninadbe [anti-spam] gmail.com
April 22, 2011
Dont work with following sites


Both are cheaters.
April 27, 2011
Hello everyone,

I want to present you the new website of freelance, www.freelancer4rent.com , a website where you can find more trust, security and eriousness. For a while, in this system, all fees will be FREE, including the fee after the pay programmer.

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May 1, 2011
The sites are quite real, also try http://factoidz.com/earn-revenue-now/2G34688
Need a Coder - Felix is here
May 2, 2011
I am currently using and improvizing my profile here - http://www.outsourcemyproject
Small community so chances are good for me for winning projects.
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May 5, 2011

It has the top links for freelancing and outsourcing projects website.

The most authentic i have experienced!

May 6, 2011
A very good software company to use us www.Quintrixltd.com, they are a very reliable bunch and based in the UK, they pain stakingly analyse your business needs and ensure that your projects are delivered on time and on budget and also provide ongoing support if required at a low cost.
May 7, 2011
for arabic speakers there is website called www.a3malcom.com, which means your jobs.
May 7, 2011
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May 7, 2011
Hi, i am having great experience with boxlance.com i posted project free even i worked on many projects and paid in time..
Just want to share....
May 7, 2011
May 16, 2011
scriptlance.com is big scammer, dont go for that, even the bidders are also scam, you will suffer in future for sure. the owner Rene Trescases ( script lence ) is scammer - away from him
sales [anti-spam] postfreelance.com
May 21, 2011
Free & Protections: Escrow/Feedback/Milestones
Programmers provide telephone numbers & they pick up their phones...
sultybaby19 [anti-spam] gmail.com
May 21, 2011
I hate freelancer.com, idiots they rules suckz, and now moved on to Odesk. They have taken my money without reason, when I asked for it, they are transferring to my account.
May 26, 2011
Please add http://www.ndesignr.com for web design jobs
May 30, 2011
I was also scammed by Gorgegu Varniesca with the email address; me@gvarn.gr. He uses the name Gregvarn on skype, Greg Varn, Grigoris Varn, he is greek. He posts jobs using several locations in Greece. From Athen to Other Greece cities. He is also based in the uk and uses UK university sites to post scam users and avoid detection. He is 20 years old, web designer and a IT student. Be very careful when dealing with him. He will run with your money. He uses all the large freelancers websites. He several accounts, old and new ones he uses to defraud freelancers.
we are fraud busters and we have a dossier on him. Anyone defrauded by him should contact us. He opens new . We did some work for him for him which he ran without paying. He pretends that the reason he does not use Milestones is because he was defrauded. That ways he does not pay use escrow.
June 16, 2011
Pls take into account that freelancers always take 5 dollars for fee. I you do not reach 30 you cannot withdraw your money. I worked bid and worked for 30 and they took 5, when I wanted to withdraw my money via paypal they told me cannot do it until I reach 30. So now I am looking urgently to get another job to have my money.
Thank you alll fr the comments and safe sites you recommend.
eli david
June 23, 2011
I have been using Elance and Odesk for a long time, in order to develop my online languages teaching site www.lingolearn.com
Odesk is cheaper by far, but a bit risky, if you find a good contractor, it will be cheap and good.
Elance high quality but high prices.
June 23, 2011
Freelancer.com is BOGUS. I had a client who refused to give feedback or finish a project so it went into dispute. Even after I had delivered several versions of the design they wanted the site sided with the idiot!!!! THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE DESIGNERS!!! BEWARE.
June 30, 2011

how come odesk is not part of the list? lots of happy freelancers in there :)
July 8, 2011
Never use odesk, they will scam you like hell! >.<
sanvi.hands [anti-spam] gmail.com
July 8, 2011
We are a <a href="www.handsmultitudee.com">software development</a> company and would like to offer our services in the sphere of web design and software development for outsourcing. You can obtain the details about our company at www.handsmultitudee.com.
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July 8, 2011
hi everyone,i need freelance sites for writers please..
Thecooleasy [anti-spam] aol.com
July 9, 2011
nothing but trouble with scriptlaners.com program bidding site. Programmers are good i tried. but site itself for americans is HARD to work with.
it too several times using it to get through cause they suspend acct easily. The Money exchange is hard!!!!
After i gave them 1000 bucks in the escrow acct they then suspended account wanting my drivers list, and suspend account again!!????
AFTER they got paid?
it all feels so fraudulent. Makes one wonder what they are really up to behind the scenes. Then they want you to sign a paper that literally allows them to continue taking money out and they call it ensurity programmer will get paid, but is not written up that way.

fvrequester [anti-spam] gmail.com
July 10, 2011
If you are looking for freelance web work. Sign up at http://MyCheapJobs.com for free and post your job!
July 28, 2011
Here is a brand new freelance site with lots of ambition : www.beeworkers.com
International Marketplace for small works. It's fast, smart and free !
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July 29, 2011
hi i am good experience Photoshop and illustration. plz tell me good site name.
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August 12, 2011
You can chose this site also because it was from uk and the rate for freelancers project fees is so low

sasi2007kumar [anti-spam] yahoo.co.in
August 21, 2011
i need good data entry&similar projects.Can any one provide or tell me where it is available preferably any upfront fees.Thanks .B.Sasi
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August 28, 2011
Lithium Art Designs is an organization that offer many artist's
the chance to make money by doing what they love, while the customer receives the best work accomplished for them. We will match the customer up with an artist from our list's that is best suited for them. The customer will have say in what artist they would like for the job by simply going threw portfolios, to find the right one suited for their needs. We offer a wide variety of different talented artists who are skilled in different types of art in the art world. The artists will be able to design art for everything from logo's, to illustrations and many more.
August 30, 2011
get a freelancer or freelancer as it is called now is a absolute horror story. DO NOT USE THEM FOR ANYTHING. THEY HAVE STOLEN MONEY FROM ME AND A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE AS WELL
August 30, 2011
GetACoder : This site is a fraud, stay away from it, or you will be doing like me posting your rip off story!. I had 2 projects, and once i put some escrow payment (550$) they closed my account for made up reasons, and kept the money. This website provide 3 phone numbers for customer service which are just there to make you feel more trustful, but you only get their answering machine.
Don t waste your time here, it s a SCAM !
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September 2, 2011
if you want to buy premade/ turnkey websites at cheapest price then http://turnkeygallery.com/ is the best place.
September 9, 2011
you can also try http://elancing.net/
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October 14, 2011
scriptlance is scam, I lost $200, I think Most of the projects are fake. Waste of time.
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October 17, 2011
I would also add to them : www.fiversworld.com

The website has more features for freelancer compare to the majority of these websites.
nyarjapuonj [anti-spam] yahoo.ukfb3b84
October 23, 2011
Freelance.com charges are exorbitant and there are many people who do not pay a single cent even after the work is done. They need to restructure the whole system. Through working with them I have lost close to $100
October 27, 2011
oDesk is not secure at all. The funny thing about oDesk is that the employer is forced to pay. But he can then tell them any stupid lie to get his money back.
November 2, 2011
A new freelancer website is born; www.freelancerland.com
November 4, 2011
STAY AWAY FROM A GETACODER. They suspended my account for no reason stealing a large amount of money. They do not respond my communications in any way (email, fax, phone calls). It's clear that I will never get my money back. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
November 4, 2011
Gubizz.com allows you to post projects for free and providers are only charged 3% commission. Customer support is very good.
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November 5, 2011
I have recently registered in www.odesk.com, www.vworkers.com, www.skillpages.com, i find them quite good, and have been contacted by quite a few 'buyers' ,currently am in the process of interviews and also i feel one in dire needs can earn some money through http://www.onlinejobsopen.com/?id=856791 , i just came across this site and find it okay than fake one's. Just give it a shot. Perhaps to experiment their genuineness just like me.some money earned in extra work durin break is always good..
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November 6, 2011
weblance is going to be launching soon, looks like they going to be the best place find freelancers with standards!
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November 19, 2011
You can try at

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November 21, 2011
These days lot of sites are coming for freelance jobs. Recently i found one new site www.eoryx.com.
December 1, 2011
Do not trust PHPCODELANCE.COM providers can delete bad feedback.
December 9, 2011
hello everyone i am looking to get cell phone spyware software made and i am using freelancer.com and vworker.com but vworker will not publish my projects and im pretty sure i lost the $120 "bonus fee" any help would be greatly appreciated.
December 10, 2011
I found a very potential job site in Canada at http://www.WorkDirectory.ca
They are offering free job postings across Canada
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For Employers, If you want to pay the Service Provider directly, and don't want to the pay to middle men, I'd suggest using www.linkmysource.com.

For Service Providers, www.linkmysource.com is offering their Silver subscription plan free for life at this time.
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December 15, 2011
i dont think as freelace are woring find that all are fake..
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December 26, 2011
can anyone help me bring people (on odesk or other place) Advertisers expert who can bright to our websiet 1,000 UK visitors a day.
December 26, 2011
Undoubtedly those 5 are the best freelancing job sites. For micro jobs I suggest www.ShopAlife.com
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December 29, 2011
Hi Friends! I'm looking for software projects, can any one let me know best site to bid.
sheikhhasmat [anti-spam] thoughtlabs.in
January 4, 2012
Here is yet another website for freelance related works. You can get facilities like Escrow and Moderation.Check out the following website for more details.
January 6, 2012
There are few freelancers websites that counts.

My favorite one is : http://www.fiversworld.com because it is more affordable to outsource
suganchandbagri [anti-spam] gmail.com
January 10, 2012
We think Elance.com , Guru.com and peopleperhour.com is the best website .. Ptiwebtech
January 13, 2012
I hope they are shut down soon
susmitapathak [anti-spam] gmail.com
January 18, 2012
Working with Weaving Thoughts has been a great experience. From the very first day, when I received my first project detail to present date, I have come across several aspects of the company. Of course, no organization is free of cons, but Weaving Thoughts is the one, the positive sides of which overcome its negative aspects, if any.

Not only does the owner offers a comfortable platform to work in to the writers, but also the editors who are our immediate bosses are very helpful. They handle the queries of the writers and reply instantly to their mails containing project-related questions.
January 25, 2012
January 28, 2012
peopleperhour.com is a UK freelance company
nubie won knobie
January 30, 2012
Rent-a-Coder web site apparently changed to vWorker.com and wants you to update this site. IMO the new name is not as marketable.
January 30, 2012
January 31, 2012
another new freelancer site is http://www.bidlanceinternational.com
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February 3, 2012
I read all forum and i got that i have wasted my time.
Some idiots are telling sites redirect to freelancer. I got many links fake here. You need help then do not waste time and do not become fool like me.
Great fool persons have posted here. i can not tell you about my anger, if can beat them ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
dead persons dead alive posts
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hi getafreelancer.com is now freelancer.com and rentacoder is now vworker.com and www.1pixeldesigns now www.topseoguru.com
February 6, 2012
www.1pixeldesigns.com is one of the cheapest pricing company for psd to html and website design than any freelancers.
February 9, 2012
This is Graphics services site and also tutorial services site.

February 14, 2012
www.topseoguru.com cheap seo freelancer in the world.amazing packages and i am delighted with thier services
February 16, 2012
ScriptLance is scam. Please remove it from the list.
Mostly fake projects and very very bad customer service.
February 17, 2012
Here is another great freelance service: http://www.coolwebawards.com/freelance. Professional web designers and developers with accepted entries of their work in the awards showcase can apply to do jobs.
micro jobs
February 24, 2012
This is a great article with some nice information. A great site you could also include would be www.gigsshack.com they have people posting great services for fantastic prices and you could also provide some of your own.
pranitheifer [anti-spam] gmail.com
February 24, 2012
is there any site which provide free online projects for a CAD engineer
humajameel [anti-spam] yahoo.com
March 3, 2012
I think www.pkshops.com is best online freelanc website for web developer and designer
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March 3, 2012

I been using clickmediamarket.com for my clients to get them more facebook fans on their fb pages. www.clickmediamarket.com provide amazing service.
some one some where
March 3, 2012
Alert. microworkers.com is scam.
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March 9, 2012
We had started new website for http://consultantjunction.com . We see you have an expertise . We are developing a community where business woners and consultants can connect and we would lke to invite you to create a free profile, share your story, allow the prospective clients to get to know you...We are a new site but we are aggressively in marketing.

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March 13, 2012
A great place to find jobs as a freelancer is www.peopleperhour.com!!The commission for free account might be a little high, but they have lots of job postings and pph economy is a great feature! If you are into freelancing, you should try it!
angilinajetli1 [anti-spam] yahoo.com
March 21, 2012
It is a scam site, read this:

scam . com/showthread.php?t=150883
March 23, 2012
ALERT: microworkers.com is a scam, beware!
gaton [anti-spam] wp.pl
March 26, 2012
freelancer.com has elements of scam. why? isn't suspending accounts with good money on them a scam? if it wasn't they would pay you your money. THEY ARE THIEVES!
Venkat Reddy
March 27, 2012
we are new to bidding market,but aft watching avobe comments i dont know how to follow the freelancer websites
March 29, 2012
I would like to freelauncer.com and join to create website and softwares.
phpmachine [anti-spam] gmail.com
April 1, 2012
is the best one i am using
April 3, 2012
warning! mircoworkers.com is a scam, they just rip off your money.
April 3, 2012
So many wonderful post. I love the succulents mixed in the non-succulents. Great topic!

thank you so much
staff Freelancers.net
April 3, 2012
New Freelance website http://www.hirefreelancers.net find freelance jobs post freelance jobs nocommissions also partner site http://www.jobsbidder.com no commissions the great new freelance website
April 8, 2012
I recently found India based new freelance portal http://www.virtueteam.com . I have account in it. i like team collaboration feature very much.
Heinz Beanz
April 10, 2012
So having trawled through all this guff it sounds like the 2 decent sites are elance.com and odesk.com, and the rest are dubious
April 11, 2012
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April 16, 2012
i like UnderBidBob:
UnderBidBob - freelance jobs & projects, wills & wants, skilled people, hire & rental items
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April 29, 2012
any chinese one
amor [anti-spam] staff.com
April 30, 2012
Check out staff.com - best online jobs based on my experience.
PHP Development Frameworks
May 3, 2012
I have read most of them and got a lot from "160 professional categories including: website design, programming, graphic design, business consulting, and administrative support." them for my needs.

olga_l [anti-spam] konstruktor.biz
May 7, 2012
can anybody help to find best freelance sites by region?best in china, best in usa, australia.....etc
May 12, 2012
Best freelance sites are ODESK and Elance
info [anti-spam] worknhire.com
May 15, 2012
Check out worknhire.com , India's first freelancing website, specially targeted for indian freelancers.
Rie Avis
May 16, 2012
Have you checked out www.Staff.com ? This is another site for work from home jobs. It is similar to oDesk but for full time work only.Employers who are seeking to outsource their jobs can choose from the pool of talented staff, while jobseekers can look for opportunities here.
emir [anti-spam] freelancer.com
May 17, 2012
Hi everyone. My name is Emir and I work for freelancer.com. I came across the comments within this post and we appreciate the feedback.

We assure you that Freelancer.com is not a scam. Freelancer.com (formerly getafreelancer.com) is the world’s largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace for small business and we have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world. As of to date, there are more than 3.4 million users of our services (and it continues to grow). We’re glad to report that we still have one of the largest pools of proven and very qualified freelancers and reputable employers. We assure you there are many great quality projects for you to bid on Freelancer.com.

We’d like to invite you to visit Freelancer.com and see what we can do to help you and your business grow.

Thank you very much.
moi.amores03 [anti-spam] gmail.com
May 21, 2012
For 3 years now, I've work with staff.com. I guarantee that this is not a scam at all. Some of my friends work with them, too.
simone.kluengel [anti-spam] freelancermap.de
May 22, 2012
A costfree and new opportunity is http://www.freelancermap.co.uk. Freelancers can create a freelancer profil and search for IT projects to apply for it directly without any costs or biddings.
May 24, 2012
heres something completely different http://facingworlds.co.uk You dont even need to sign up to browse jobs and get ful contact details. If you are looking to hire then the site allows you to post as many free ads as you like! I started using this site to get android dev work its great.
Emir from Freelancer.com
June 5, 2012
Hi everyone. Emir here of Freelancer.com. I saw that this forum is getting active again and I’d like to take this opportunity again to address some of the concerns raised here.

Please be assured that Freelancer.com is a legitimate business. We’ve been operating since 2004 and have become the world’s largest online outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace for small business. All thanks to the millions of users that have done business with Freelancer.com since it was established.
Emir from Freelancer.com
June 5, 2012
As to the concerns about account suspensions, Freelancer.com will only suspend or freeze accounts to validate a user’s account or ascertain the nature of the transactions done through the site. If your account has been suspended and it has funds, please don’t worry. Your funds won’t go anywhere and it’ll be made available once you’ve gone through the account verification procedures. These policies and procedures are in place in order to create a safe environment for freelancers and employers alike.

Should you have further enquiries, please send an e-mail to customer-support@freelancer.com. We’ll be more than glad to address them. Thank you very much.
June 18, 2012

--> Project fees taken from freelancers even if the project is cancelled by employer.

--> If you have not asked for milestone payment they will not help you.

--> with 100% milestone more then 80% of the employers won't select your bid.

--> Dispute resolution system works on their own rules, you do not have right to challenge their decision.

--> Minimum withdrawal amount is $30 if amount is less then that then freelacer.com will keep it forever. Even if you want to close your account.

June 18, 2012
Emir from freelancer.com

Its better to provide quality service and compete, you won't get anything by posting on forums. Customers will never need to post on any forums if you provide good quality service at freelancer.com

Stay away from freelancer.com, they are cheaters... only want to earn(steal) money from you no matter how... search on google "freelancer scam" or "freelancer.com fraud" before working as a freelancer on this website.

June 23, 2012
New freelance website with much lower fees and 24/7 customer support with live chat: https:www.WorkOrHire.com
Emir from Freelancer.com
July 4, 2012
Hi John,

Emir here from Freelancer.com. I came across your post here at zubrag.com and we appreciate the feedback.

I’d like to address your concerns. We are now actively reaching out to online communities discussing Freelancer.com to ensure people’s issues are dealt with and make them aware of the best ways to earn money and outsource work through Freelancer.com. In addition to that, my goal is also to help out users and forward their concerns to the proper Freelancer.com Support Teams. This is all part of the Freelancer.com committment to serve its users.
Emir from Freelancer.com
July 4, 2012
As for cancelled projects, I’d like to inform you that that it is possible to get a project fee refund. You only need to file a ticket and ask for a refund. Once we’ve established that the service buyer or employer no longer wishes to continue with the project, we will release the refund.

As for withdrawing funds, we do require users to withdraw a minimum of $30. But be assured we’ve taken into account your feedback about this matter.
Emir from Freelancer.com
July 4, 2012
Freelancer.com believes in providing the best options to its users. Please be assured that even though you didn’t use the Milestone Payment System, Freelancer.com will still provide support to you. We will do our best to resolve account issues, helping users contact their freelancers and employers and settle their disputes amicably.

We strongly believe that our Milestone Payment System is the best way to ensure that projects get completed smoothly. It benefits both employers and freelancers equally. By asking for a Milestone Payment, users will have peace of mind knowing that the employer has set aside payment for the project. It also helps employers as this will obligate the freelancer to meet all of the work specifications. If one or both parties are not satisfied with the project outcome, the Milestone Payment System allows them to use the Dispute Resolution System.
Emir from Freelancer.com
July 4, 2012
As always, Dispute Resolution Service is the last resort. We ask both parties that participated in the project to settle their disputes amicably, if not, then they may use the Dispute Resolution Service. Please be assured that we are always fair in resolving disputes and we base our verdicts on facts provided by both employer and freelancer.

We’ve taken into account all of your feedback on our service and support. Please be assured that we will continue to improve on the work that we do so we can serve you better.

I hope I’ve adequately addressed your concerns. Thank you very much.
July 13, 2012
There is a new site called Biglancers.com. This site has great potential because they are not merely jobs bidding site. They have other services as well which integrates with bidding.
richagarg468 [anti-spam] yahoo.com
July 13, 2012
Hi here is awesome freelancing website for indian freelancers http://worknhire.com so add this one too.
simone.kluengel [anti-spam] freelancermap.de
July 17, 2012
F R E E L A N C E R M A P !!! I can receommend freelancermap.in as it can be used within a cost free membership. You will receive full access to the project database of 15 different countries, a marketing profile and unlimited application.
July 18, 2012
We strongly believe that our Milestone Payment System is the best way to ensure that projects get completed smoothly. It benefits both employers and freelancers equally. By asking for a Milestone Payment, users will have peace of mind knowing that the employer has set aside payment for the project. http://infoeminent.com/seo.aspx
July 29, 2012
I was sent an email about this new freelance website www.sprigo.com (pass hellosprigo) it looks interesting
August 3, 2012
Great Information for freelancers…
There are also some clones of Fiverr which freelancers can use to make money.
But need to be careful as some of them dont pay properly or delay the payments.

One site which I have seen really good and which allows the buyers to pay the sellers directly before the job is done is http://WWW.ZEERK.COM.
Here you can provide any service from $2 to $100 and you get paid before you start the work !!
So dont have to worry about payments and getting scammed.

FREE to list services and gigs
NO commissions charged
GET PAID before you start to work.

Isnt that incredible !!
August 4, 2012
I signed up with cloud crowd and its paying great so far
its free to join and has many different job opportunities
I hope this helps
karol_szczepanski [anti-spam] wp.pl
August 5, 2012
NEVER use Freelancer.com!
IF YOU use it, beware! They may freeze your money just like that!
IF you have been mistreated by Freelancer.com (for example you had your account suspended), go with this manual:

August 7, 2012
Freelancer.com is a TOTAL SPAM, the freelancer had taken way over the amount of time promissed, and I cancelled, then the website charged me for cancelling, I created a new project and I was banned, I still receive their spam e-mails saying that My created project had bidders and what not, I had paypal involved so they are investigating fraud, I also turn in the website to the BBB and IRS, Im concidering even the FBI, This guys messed with the wrong dog
admin [anti-spam] fiverbid.com
August 14, 2012
Fiverbid.com is a virtual marketplace that lets you make the most of your talents/skills. Enabling home bound people, students and freelancers to get introduced, you can buy or sell jobs from £5 - £250+

August 15, 2012
Check out SweetLancer.com – New 100% FREE site for US based Freelancers & Employers
1stfreelancedomain [anti-spam] gmail.com
August 15, 2012
This list is very resourceful and another link that I will suggest you should add to the list is http://www.freelancedomain.com

Thanks for the good work!
August 22, 2012
I also found this very useful and i will link you to another site

<a href="http://www.freelance-pacific.com">

shabanasarwar93 [anti-spam] yahoo.com
August 28, 2012
i need jobs, i have not experience
thomas989 [anti-spam] gmail.com
September 4, 2012
www.rinovi.com is the biggest website in asia.
September 24, 2012
I reccommend www.ask4offer.net : different types of subscription fees, NO commission :)
September 28, 2012
May I add my "Hire a Freelancer" forum.? I just Created it. It is a bit different though. The payment is between Buyer and seller of services.

If anyone wants an alternative, here is my forum URL. I also have an off topic Board, for people who also like to talk about stuff online.


Everyone is welcome.
fikewithjesus [anti-spam] gmail.com
September 30, 2012
here is a freelancer site now I'm working with and get 1000$ with in 10 months http://adairepalmer.discover-self-reliance.com/besthomebusiness
October 1, 2012
Hey shabanasarwar93. visit Freelancer.com. they've got thousands of jobs at the site. i'm just like you. i didn't have any experience but I know a lot of programming. it was hard to work without a rep but you just need to know how to sell yourself. i did that myself and an employer awarded me the project. it's been great ever since.
October 5, 2012
Another is www.bluegig.com which is really good with professional services.
October 7, 2012
www.bluegig.com is a great alternative. Lots of payment options and great way to sell your services.
October 15, 2012
I do hope that my comment will help somebody to improve his?her career experience. That's why I want to tell you about one of my really pleasant steps in career. I work from time to time as a freelance writer for Freelancer careers. it turned out to be a fair organization which pays on time and provides its employees with enough workload.
October 16, 2012
An alternative, www.alatask.com - leverage your social network
samuel.ross75 [anti-spam] gmail.com
October 23, 2012
GetACoder is a good marketplace to work on. Lots of new projects everyday, honest buyers, and helpful support. If you have a query with a buyer they have a resolution center to help you solving the dispute. Some other freelance sites do not have this feature and they will not care if you are ripped off.
October 29, 2012
American ONLY Freelance Site!
November 11, 2012
Freelancer.com is a scam. They have revealed my personal data after I started to blow the whistle. see my blog www.getahindu.blogspot.com
graphicsmaker007 [anti-spam] gmail.com
November 12, 2012
this is a very good article.
but i want to add odesk in this list.
please see the article for more
December 2, 2012
You should try http://lanzee.com/ . There are no fees for posting a project. The downside is that only short term projects are allowed. Full time jobs not ;(
chris.evans190 [anti-spam] gmail.com
December 17, 2012

You’ve got great resources here, with these sites freelancers has a better chances of getting a client. When you are planning to work online you must possess the skills and expertise because the competition on each task is very high and the chance of getting hired is low. Compared to the person that has no skills and expertise, it is way too hard for you to get a job. However, there are also some freelance tasks that don’t need skills and expertise just like data entry. All you need is a good typing speed and time management in order to be successful with this business. In additional to the list is https://www.99hours.com/ where you can look for freelancers for full time work.
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January 12, 2013
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maribelforayo [anti-spam] gmail.com
January 26, 2013
I hate elance. Google "elance complaints" and see how they will just forfeit hard earned money from a freelancers account.

They suspend account without notice and when you contact them, they will consider you guilty without even verifying what you are telling them. Too long to get a decision too.
andycarter41 [anti-spam] gmail.com
January 28, 2013
Well you have completely missed a name over here and perhaps the most comprehensive and amazing freelancing site. http://www.99hours.com
February 6, 2013
I Just came across a wonderful freelancing website www.99hours.com as it belongs specifically for web development works and found it pretty interesting as such, got very authentic clients which is something really hard to find and above all they have got schemes for freelancers which is equal to as if I was working for any MNC on job roll.

Some of which are listed below: -
• Incentives/Loyalty Bonus
• Gifts
• Medical Benefits
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• Food and other coupons

Apart from this they offer their best support and much more involvement which no other freelancing site offers. And that’s what makes them amazingly different and far more innovative.
info [anti-spam] freelancermap.com
February 7, 2013
We have launched a new international freelancing website called www.freelancermap.com that allows unlimited application at no membership and commission fees.
February 13, 2013
Hi guys,

Kwikode.com is a new outsourcing community inspired by the old Scriptlance business model. At Kwikode we encourage everybody in the outsourcing community to get involved and provide us with ideas of the marketplace they want to use.

We are currently in the development stage, so come and check us out for more information.
March 18, 2013
Wow, nice article which creates a very good overview how to get freelance work. But maybe you missed out 99hours.com as this service is especially relevant for IT experts and web professionals (http://www.99hours.com).
ssdheerawat [anti-spam] gmail.com
March 31, 2013
I guess you could include www.phpworkers.com in the above list of freelance programmer websites. this site is only for freelancer php developers and clients.
lisawilson107 [anti-spam] gmail.com
April 20, 2013
It’s a good option, because many previously said, to make sure you have very good games as well as very good subheadings. Cheers for that wonderful publish! Excellent task! I have discovered numerous articles or blog posts to read however you carry out a good thing. This is a son. Thanks a lot a lot regarding discussing your scrumptious publish. Assume up coming content.
May 1, 2013
Include one more in the list as www.99hours.com is the most astonishing and well groomed website for freelancers that I have ever came across.
May 16, 2013
I like to be free, thanks to your analysis, very good.
May 22, 2013
I think freelancermap.com is missing in this list. I'm working there very successful for years now. It's an international IT-project board where freelancers and outsourcing providers can register for free and apply without limitation. Nice to know: No commission fees!
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